The Fairly OddParents! Theme Song (Season 10 Version) or initially Kelsey's Theme Song is a version of the The Fairly OddParents! Theme Song, with lyrics and scenes changed to introduce the new character Chloe Carmichael.

It was first aired as promotion for Season 10, and later was used as a intro for the whole tenth season.


Timmy's still an average kid

That no one understands.

Chloe's his new neighbour

And she's ruining all his plans

Timmy: Aah!

All the wishes in the world

So why should he care?

Jorgen has reported there's a fairy shortage

So Timmy has to share!

His OddParents, Fairly OddParents!

Wanda: More than one?

Cosmo: This should be fun!

OddParents, Fairly OddParents!

Feather suit, nature boots, laser shooting, rescue.

Chloe: World peace, kale treats, bunny feet, real neat!

Timmy: What? No! Leave me alone! My fairies! Get your own!

OddParents, Fairy OddParents!

Timmy, beware, you'll have to share

Your Fairly OddParents!

Vicky: Yeah, right!

[wishing noise and Vicky's head turns into something, determined by the episode]


-Vicky’s “Yeah, right!” is said immediately after the 19th line, where in the original intro it was said a bit later.

-The new intro still keeps 5 scenes from the original intro.

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