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This article is about the pilot episode. For the TV series, see The Fairly OddParents!.

The Fairly OddParents!
Season 0, Episode 1
Titlecard-The Fairly OddParents.jpg
Meet Cosmo and Wanda
The One that started it all
Prod. Code: 001
Premiered: September 4, 1998
Wish: A lot of wishes targeting Vicky
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Steve Marmel
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  Butch Hartman Presents: A Fairly Odd Collection
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The Fairly OddParents! is the pilot for The Fairly OddParents! series. It is the first of the ten Fairly OddParents episodes that aired on Oh Yeah! Cartoons.


Timmy's parents hire Vicky to babysit him. She makes him work hard. In frustration, he throws his Magic 9-Ball against the wall. It opens... revealing two Fairy Godparents named Cosmo and Wanda. They can magically grant wishes! What will Timmy wish for?


Timmy's mom and dad left him in Vicky's care before going to the cinema. After her initial friendly appearance, she quickly revealed her true colors, ordering Timmy to stay out of her way, go to bed early and to do the dishes. Timmy protested, only to be threatened by her showing his parents a copy of "Chix Magazine" allegedly belonging to him, noting that her blackmail worked on her little brother. Timmy reluctantly agreed to do the dishes, only to be rewarded with a slice of anchovy pizza, which made him faint.

The fairies introducing themselves.

Vicky awakened Timmy in his bedroom, saying it was bedtime. Timmy's protest was met by her suggestion that he watch her favorite show, The World of Lip Gloss. His refusal made her leave the room while cackling. Timmy asked his Magic 9-Ball when his parents will return, which it answered with Titantic Director's Cut. Frustrated, he threw the ball at the wall, where it split in half and released a magic aura, acting as the entrance of Cosmo and Wanda, his fairy godparents.

Timmy almost called the police before the pair told him it was against Da Rules. Their explanation of what they did was interrupted by Vicky bursting into the room, wanting to know what's going on. She noticed the fishbowl with Timmy's fairies and claimed they were ridden with germs and that she would flush them.

One of Timmy's wishes.

Timmy noticed the fairies' ability to grant wishes, immediately wishing for trouble to Vicky. He wished her bath water into gelatin, turned her into a fly, ordered a giant baby Wanda to sit on her, teleported her to space with his fairies chasing her with TIE fighters, and eventually she was tied to some train tracks, where Timmy (dressed like Snidely Whiplash) threatened her to apologize before train Cosmo runs over her.

The Turners woke up Vicky as if she had a nightmare, and offered to drive her home. Timmy asked his mom to have Vicky babysit him all the time, to which the fairies said they'll be with him for a while.


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