The Fair Bears
Better Bear (left)
Fair Bear (middle)
Happy Ray (right)
Gender: Fair Bear and Happy Ray (Male)
Better Bear (Female)
Species: Bear
Hair color:       Blue (Fair Bear)
      Orange (Better Bear)
      Yellow (Better Bear's Fur)
      Red (Happy Ray)
Eye color:       Orange (Fair Bear)
      Blue (Better Bear)
      Purple (Happy Ray)
Personal Information
  Currently unknown
  Happy Hollow
  Chloe Carmichael
Timmy Turner
  To make everyone happy
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Fair Bears
Last Appearance:
  Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears
Voiced by:
Jeff Bennett (Fair Bear)
Grey Griffin (Better Bear)
Maddie Taylor (Happy Ray)

The Fair Bears are the members of Chloe Carmichael's favourite TV show, wished to life by her in the episode of the same name. They are parodies of the real tv show, Care Bears franchise.


The Fair Bears are a trio of multi-colored bears who are the stars of the TV show, The Fair Bears. Their goal is to spread happiness, joy and especially fairness in any way they can. They consist of Fair Bear, the tall, blue bear and apparent leader of the trio, Better Bear, the short, yellow bear, and Happy Ray, a red bear, and the most forceful of the group.


Fair Bear

Better Bear

Happy Ray


The Fair Bears were wished to life by Chloe, as she wanted to meet her favourite TV show characters. However, Timmy Turner and Wanda were less excited to meet them, and weren't very cooperative with them when they came, acting grumpy and wanting to leave the whole time. Eventually, Chloe got them all to play the Fair Bears Board Game, but Timmy cheated to win so they could leave, which almost pushed the bears over the edge. Chloe managed to calm them down in time.


The Bears hypnotising Timmy, Chloe, Cosmo, and Wanda.

The Bears then use their hypnosis powers to put everyone to sleep and transport Timmy and Wanda to their home, Happy Hollow, where they get brainwashed into acting happy. Chloe realises that they want to force people to be as happy as they are and escape with Timmy and Wanda. They get furious and go after Chloe and Cosmo to brainwash them as well. Eventually, Chloe tricks Denzel Crocker into catching them, but after he tries to get them to grant him wishes, thinking they are fairies, they get run over by a car, and end up in a park, swearing revenge.

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