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The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"The Fair Bears"
Season №: 10
Episode №: 6
Airdate: February 26, 2016
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "The Fair Bears" from season 10, which aired on February 26, 2016.


  • [The episode begins at Dimmsdale Elementary School. The school day has ended and two school buses are parked outside. The school students run outside and cheer.]

Timmy: School's out! [Timmy does a flip.] The nightmare's over!

Student: I'm never going back! [his voice echoes as he runs off into the forest.] Tell my story!

  • [Chloe walks into the scene. She is carrying a red book.]

Chloe: Boy, this was a hectic day. I taught the kindergardeners mandarin-chinese, and created an experimental cure for male pattern baldness.

Timmy: You think you accomplished a lot? [Timmy pulls out his smartphone.] I found a new app that shows me what I look like with a beard. Check it! [Timmy's phone shows a loading screen. Then, it shows a picture of Timmy. The picture of Timmy suddenly grows a grey beard.] Ladies, get in line!

  • Cosmo and Wanda poof next to Timmy and Chloe. They are disguised as green and pink birds, respectively.]

Cosmo: Hey, Timmy and Chloe! [Cosmo is holding a smartphone. A picture of Wanda is displayed on the phone.] Check out this new app. [The picture of Wanda suddenly grows a brown beard.] This is what Wanda looks like with a beard!

Wanda: Gentlemen, get in line!

Chloe: Oh, I know the perfect way to relax after a day of super-achieving. You guys are gonna love it! Cosmo and Wanda, poof us to my house.

Denzel Crocker: Chloe! [Crocker opens a window from the school building.] Thanks to your experimental baldness cure, [Crocker shows his newly grown blonde hair] I have hair! [Crocker also sticks his newly grown green webbed foot outside the window, which is a side-effect of Chloe's cure.] And oddly, webbed feet. But I'm okay with that!

  • [Cosmo and Wanda wave their wands and poof themselves, Timmy, and Chloe to Chloe's bedroom.]
  • [Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy arrive in Chloe's bedroom. Cosmo and Wanda have changed back into their normal forms. Chloe opens her bedroom door with her foot, and brings in a plate of "cookies".]

Chloe: Let's start the fun with some healthy snacks! [Chloe places the plate of "cookies" onto a light-blue stool.

Timmy: [Timmy takes one of the "cookies" and takes a bite out it. Timmy begins to chew the "cookie". He immediately spits the "cookie" out.] Something terrible's happening in my mouth, this is not a cookie!

Chloe: [Chloe is holding an eaten "cookie".] It's better! It's a Tofookie. A cookie-like disk made with tofu and something called [Chloe pulls out a jar of Cricket Protein. The jar has a picture of a cricket on the front and the words, "Cricket Protein" in dark-green.] Cricket Protein.

Timmy: Why!?

Chloe: Now lets bump up the fun! [Chloe's pupils turn into a blue swirl] We're gonna watch the greatest television show ever made. [We see a poster for a show called "The Fair Bears". The poster has three bears riding down a rainbow, and it has the words "Fair Bears" on the top left corner. Chloe appears on the bottom-right corner of the screen.] The Fair Bears!

Timmy: That show is the worst. I thought it was cancelled. Why wasn't it cancelled?

Chloe: It was! [Chloe pulls out a box set of "The Fair Bears" from her drawers.] But I have all 26 seasons on DVD! [Chloe's face turns dark-red, her hair sets aflame, her eyes turn red, and green on the outside, and she has fangs in her mouth.] NEVER TOUCH THEM! [Chloe's face turn's back to normal. She is smiling, and her face is sparkling. Chloe giggles, as she walks over to her DVD player. She inserts a DVD into the DVD player.]

  • [The T.V turns on, and the DVD begins to play. Rock music begins to play in the background. The words "Fair Bears" appear on the screen.]
  • [Song "The Fair Bears Theme Song"]
  • Happy Ray uses a magical flower to create a rainbow. the Fair Bears ride the rainbow]

The Fair Bears (on TV): ♪ Welcome to a world that's always fair. Get lots of wuv from friendly bears who care. Be happy, be fair. Be truthful, and share! We're the Fair Bears, and we're fair! ♪

Timmy: Stop telling me what to do, Fair Bears!

Fair Bear (on TV): ♪ So if your stressed or feeling blue, come play with us the whole day through. We're ready for fun. So how 'bout you? ♪

The Fair Bears (on TV): ♪ We're the Fair Bears, and we're fair! ♪

  • [The song ends. Timmy and Wanda look at the T.V, slightly horrified with what they saw.]

Chloe: Ooh, I love watching the Fair Bears! [Chloe grabs Cosmo by his shirt. She begins to shake him.] This is how I relax!

Wanda: I don't want to hurt Chloe's feelings, but those Fair Bears make me wanna cough up my Tofookie. Know what I mean, sport? Sport? [Timmy has been replaced by a pillow that is wearing his pink hat. The real Timmy is trying to leave Chloe's room.] Oh, I don't think so! [Wanda waves her wand and poofs Timmy back to Chloe's couch.]

Timmy: Busted.

  • [Chloe and Cosmo watch the "Fair Bears" with delight. Wanda is looking at Timmy. Timmy is sulking.]

Fair Bear (on TV): I'm Fair Bear, and I never cheat.

Chloe: Me neither, cus it's wrong.

Better Bear (on TV): I'm Better Bear, and I believe that no matter how good you are, you can always be better!

Chloe (whispering): That's what I tell everybody!

Timmy: What's with you!?

Happy Ray: And I'm Happy Ray! Be happy! [Happy Ray's tone of voice changes from happy to gruff] And that's an order.

Chloe: Sir, yes, sir.

Cosmo: I love the Fair Bears, but I'm not gonna lie guys, Happy Ray scares me a little. Guys?

  • [Timmy has again been replaced with a pillow wearing his hat. Also, Wanda has been replaced with a circular dark-pink cushion wearing her crown. The real Timmy and Wanda are attempting to escape Chloe's bedroom.]

Wanda: Busted.

  • [Cosmo waves his wand and poofs Timmy and Wanda back to Chloe's couch.]

Chloe: [Chloe is hugging her T.V.] Oooh, I love the Fair Bears so much! I wish they were real. Ooh, oh oh. I have fairies! They can be real! [Chloe jumps up into midair.] I wish the Fair Bears were real!

  • [Cosmo waves his wand, ready to grant Chloe's wish.]

Timmy and Wanda: No!

  • [A cloud of yellow smoke appears that reads "Real!". The Fair Bears are poofed into Chloe's bedroom. The Fair Bears are standing in Chloe's bedroom, looking confused.

Chloe: [Chloe dodges a beam of light. She gasps with delight, jumps up into the air, squeals, and claps her hands together.]

Fair Bear: Look, bear buddies. We're in a super fun new world!

Chloe: [Chloe hugs Fair Bear's neck.] I'm Chloe, and I brought you here because I love you. I love you so, much!

Cosmo: I'm Cosmo! [Cosmo pulls out his phone. A picture of Wanda with a beard is displayed on it.] Wanna see Wanda with a beard? [Cosmo's cheeks blush.] Sorry, I get flustered around celebrities.

Timmy: [Timmy scowls] I'm Timmy and I'm leaving.

Happy Ray: Wait. What's that expression on your face? It's like a smile, but it's upside down.

Chloe: Can you sign my DVDs? Here's my glitter pen. [Chloe's pupils turn into a blue swirl] Use it!

  • [Fair Bear and Better Bear are grabbing Timmy's cheeks.]

The Fair Bears: We all love you! And we want to be your bear buddies!

Timmy: Oh, you want to be my buddies? Quit touching my face! Right, Wanda?

  • [Wanda has been replaced by a circular dark-pink cushion, wearing her crown.]

Timmy: Get back here, woman!

  • [Wanda is attempting to leave Chloe's bedroom. She groans as Timmy makes her return.]

Chloe: Um, time for some Fair Bear fun! Let's play the Fair Bear [Chloe shows the Fair Bears the box for the Fair Bears Board Game.] Board Game!

  • [The Fair Bears cheer]

Fair Bear: Huzzah!

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