• This is the first episode of the tenth season that Mr. Turner doesn't appear in at any moment.
  • In the United States, this episode is not available for purchase on iTunes or Google Play, but it's available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video.
  • It is revealed that Chloe is a huge fan of The Fair Bears.
  • This is The Fair Bears' first appearance in the series.
  • International Airdates
    • This episode premiered in the Philippines on June 10, 2016.
    • This episode premiered in the United Kingdom on August 18, 2016.
    • This episode aired in Germany on October 18, 2016.


  • Care Bears - The Fair Bears is a parody to the group of multi-colored bear characters.
  • Tofurky - The Tofookie that Chloe gives to her friends is a parody of Tofurky, a vegetarian turkey replacement made from a blend of wheat protein and organic tofu.
  • Honus Wagner - A baseball player named Honus Wagner can be seen in a picture frame getting sucked by Mr. Crocker's Fairy Sucker-Upper invention along with a baseball bat, a rocket, a Mayor of Dimmsdale picture frame, a Crimson Chin action figure, and a baseball.

Running Gags

  • Timmy and/or Wanda trying to sneak out the door of Chloe's bedroom.
  • One of the characters mentioning Chloe's Tofookies.



  • The Titlecard shows a Fair Bears VHS tape signed by Chloe, but the episode shows her owning Fair Bears DVDs.
  • After Timmy says "Something terrible's happening in my mouth!", his eyebrows turn transparent for a single frame, revealing a portion of the background behind him.


  • Cosmo: Hey, Timmy and Chloe, check out this new app. This is what Wanda looks like with a beard!
  • Wanda: Gentlemen, get in line!

  • Chloe: Let's start the fun with some healthy snacks. (Chloe puts a plate of cookies on a stool)
  • Timmy: (Timmy proceeds to reach for a cookie and takes a bite out of it, which he then spits out) Something terrible's happening in my mouth, this is not a cookie!
  • Chloe: It's better. It's a Tofookie, a cookie-like disc made with Tofu and something called Cricket Protein.
  • Timmy: Why!?
  • Chloe: Now let's bump up the fun! We're gonna watch the greatest television show ever made, The Fair Bears!
  • Timmy: That show is the worst, I thought it was cancelled. Why wasn't it cancelled?
  • Chloe: It was, but I have all 26 seasons on DVD! NEVER TOUCH THEM!

  • Wanda: I don't wanna hurt Chloe's feelings, but those Fair Bears make me wanna cough up my Tofookie. Know what I mean, sport? Sport? (Wanda looks on a couch to see a pillow with Timmy's pink hat on) (The real Timmy is attempting to leave the room) Oh, I don't think so! (Wanda poofs Timmy back to the couch)
  • Timmy: Busted.

  • Fair Bear (on TV): I'm Fair Bear, and I never cheat.
  • Chloe: Me, neither! Cus it's wrong!
  • Better Bear (on TV): I'm Better Bear, and I believe that no matter how good you are, you can always be better!
  • Chloe: (whispering) That's what I tell everybody!
  • Timmy: What's with you!?
  • Happy Ray (on TV): And I'm Happy Ray! Be happy, and that's an order.
  • Chloe: Sir, yes, sir.
  • Cosmo: I love The Fair Bears, but I'm not gonna lie guys, Happy Ray scares me a little. Guys? (Timmy and Wanda have been replaced by a pillow and a cushion) (The real Timmy and Wanda are attempting to leave the room)
  • Wanda: Busted. (Timmy and Wanda are poofed back to the couch)

  • Wanda: Did you eat a Tofookie? Cus those things will turn on ya.

  • Chloe: Am I dreaming, or are you guys actually getting along?
  • Timmy: We're beary beary good buddies now!
  • Wanda: I wuv everyone! (Wanda hugs Better Bear)
  • Timmy: We wore the Happy Hat! With wires, and blinking lights! (Timmy hugs Happy Ray) I smelled smoke.
  • Chloe: Wait, I've seen every Fair Bears episode like, a bazillion times, and I have never seen a Happy Hat.
  • Wanda: Who wants a hug?
  • Timmy: I do, I wuv hugs! The nice bears changed my brain!
  • Chloe: I'm not sure I'm wuving this. You brainwashed my friends! I can't believe I'm saying this, but... put Timmy's brain back the way it was.
  • Better Bear: We just made him a better bear! (Timmy hugs Chloe's TV, then Cosmo)
  • Cosmo: Boundaries, Timmy. You're creeping me out.
  • Chloe: This is not cool! Turn my friends back to the way they were!
  • Fair Bear: Hey, Chloe. Your smile turned upside down, maybe you should wear the Happy Hat too.
  • Chloe: Ahhh! The Fair Bears are bonkers, Cosmo! Poof them away! (Cosmo gets out his wand only to find out it has a portion missing with a bite mark in its place)
  • Cosmo: Sorry, I ate my wand in my sleep. I thought it was a Tofookie!

  • Fair Bear: That wasn't beary fair.
  • Better Bear: I could be better.
  • Happy Ray: Let's sing The Revenge Song.

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