The Eliminators
Artwork of The Eliminators
Gender: Male
Species: Robots
Age: Ancient
Personal Information
  The Darkness
The Destructinator
  Sucky-bots (by Mark Chang)
  Timmy Turner (formerly)
*Timmy's friends, fairies, family and enemies (formerly)
*Ancient Fairy Warriors
*Yugopotamians (formerly)
  To destroy the universe and eliminate Timmy Turner (formerly)
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Carlos Alazraqui
S. Scott Bullock
Tom Kenny

The Eliminators are a group of sentient robots created by The Darkness. They made their first appearance in Wishology.


These robot minions are sent by the Darkness to hunt down whatever it desires. They sometimes exhibit some signs of humanity, a few even taking more interest in having fun than completing their orders, but are otherwise mindless drones. They chase after Timmy Turner and managed to capture most of his friends and family, but are otherwise easily dispatched on several occasions by Poof or Timmy when he had access to ancient magic.


They are silver/gray colored robots with spiked shoulders. Their helmets vaguely resemble the same one worn by Dark Laser. They are able to create some sort of portal to the inside of the Darkness with their mouths, and they are able to disguise themselves as other people or objects, thanks to the fake-i-fiers stolen from the Yugopotamians, but later, they are able to use disguises without the fake-i-fier. Their dialog mostly consists of saying "Eliminate Timmy Turner!". At the end of the trilogy, an Eliminator said "Must hug Timmy Turner!" since the Darkness was no longer evil and sent "Hugginators" instead of Eliminators.


When the Darkness first appeared on the super hero planet of Wonder World, the citizens were frightened by its appearance and so they attacked it with the planet's main weapon the "Thunder Rockets", but instead of harming it The Darkness absorbed the rockets and recycled them into the Eliminators who, from then on, would act as The Darkness' guardians and servants. At the end of the trilogy when the Darkness reformed itself, it sent out a "Hugginator" who hugged Timmy and returned all the people whom they kidnapped. It was then seen with a huge smile.


  • It appears that the eliminators are powered by nuclear energy, as an eliminator requests uranium at a restaurant, and is thus angered when the waitress denied his order.
  • The Eliminators are parodies of the Terminators.

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