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The Easter Bunny
Stock Image of the Easter Bunny.png
Gender: Male
Species: Bunny
Age: Immortal
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  The Holiday Mascots
  Holiday Mascot
The April Fool
Baby New Year
Santa Claus
  Santa Claus (formerly)
  Hiding Eggs
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Christmas Everyday!
Last Appearance:
  Spring Break-Up
Voiced by:
Robert Costanzo

The Easter Bunny is the holiday mascot of Easter who goes around houses hiding colorful eggs for children to find. He talks in a raspy voice (like a mob boss) despite his pink fur.


He acts as an antagonist in "Christmas Every Day" where he attempted to "take out" Santa Claus for having overshadowed his holiday. He has a pet Dachshund (long dog) that he dressed up with cheap bat wings and a pumpkin mask that he calls the "Spirit of Hallo-weenie".


He is a pink bunny with a bow tie that speaks in a very gruff manner. Whenever he sees an object lying on the ground, no matter how large, he tries to lift it up and place an Easter egg underneath.


During the special, "Christmas Every Day", the Easter Bunny leads the other Holiday Kings in an attack against Santa Claus, who he saw as attention-hogging even before Timmy's wish for it to be Christmas every day. He used Cosmo and Wanda's magic to transform into a giant. He then tries to use an Easter egg bomb to blow Santa to the imaginary date of February 33rd, but is stopped when children from across the world appear at the North Pole to defend Santa and when he and the Holidays realize they can't harm children. To make amends to Santa and his wife, Timmy, his godparents and the other holidays do Santa's job for next year while Santa and his wife vacation in Hawaii.

The Easter Bunny also appears in "Abra-Catastrophe!" during Timmy's Fairy-versary and gives him explosive eggs as a gift, although they turn out to be useless when Timmy attempts to use them against the Great Sphinx that was reanimated by a magic-wielding Mr. Crocker. During the Fairy-versary, the Easter Bunny tells Timmy that a Fairy-versary is big and great for magical beings because by a year most godchildren would have already had their fairy godparents taken away.

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