• The first runner up for Miss Chincinnati has the Fairly Oddparents theme music on.

Wand scenes

  • Describing how the Crimson Chin, Cleft and Miss Chincinnati would be crushed by the Statue if they smashed into it.
  • Timmy jumps from the cake to take care of the Iron Lung.
  • Timmy produces a 1947 Buick-Packard automobile from his Utility Cleft.
  • Timmy corks the Lung's mouth.
  • The Chin sends the Lung to jail.
  • Miss Chincinnati gives Cleft a kiss on the cheek.


  • The Statue of Liberty: The Statue of Chincinnati is a reference to the real world statue.
  • Buick and Packard cars: The "1947 Buick-Packard" is a reference to two car companies that made vehicles in the past, the Buick and Packard companies.

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