The Collapsed Lung
Season Webtoons, Episode 2
Titlecard-The Collapsed Lung
Premiered: 2001
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The Collapsed Lung is the second episode of the Crimson Chin Webtoons.


The Crimson Chin and Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder have to stop the Iron Lung from ruining the Chincinnati 200th Birthday Party.


After defeating the Bronze Kneecap, Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder and the Crimson Chin hear a woman yelling, that woman being the same one from the previous episode. It is revealed that Chincinnati was holding a 200th birthday celebration. However, it was being interrupted by the Iron Lung, and the person screaming was Miss Chincinnati, who was standing on top of the city's giant cake..

The Iron Lung was blowing out the candle of the city's giant birthday cake. He also blew the cake (along with the Chin, Cleft and Miss Chincinnati, who were all standing on top of it) towards the Statue of Chincinnati, where they would all get crushed.

Break like the wind

Cleft deciding to stop the Iron Lung

The Chin uses his mighty chin to steer the cake safely away from the statue, while Cleft realises that the Iron Lung needs to take in air to blow it out, and that the air needs to be clean. He produces a 1947 Buick-Packard automobile so the Lung can start choking on its exhaust fumes. He then corks the Lung's mouth so the Chin has an opportunity to send the Lung to jail via chin-based justice.

Everyone is safe, but the cake falls on top of the good guys and splats everywhere. Miss Chincinnati gives Cleft a kiss on the cheek as a reward for helping to save here, and all seems well. However, the episode ends with another cliffhanger as they both turn in the direction of a man calling for help.

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