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The Chin-Hounds
Ace, Clefto, and Puppy Poof
Gender: Male and Female
Species: Dogs
Homeworld: Earth
Residence: Chincinnati
Personal Information
  Cosmo Cosma
Wanda Fairywinkle-Cosma
  Help Timmy
  Defeat the Villains
Crimson Chin
Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder
Nega Chin
The Body of Evil
Hair Razor
Flying, Biting
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad (Ace and Clefto)
Chindred Spirits
(Puppy Poof)
Last Appearance:
  Chindred Spirits

Ace, Clefto and Puppy Poof the Chin Hounds. They are the alter-egos of Wanda, Cosmo, and Poof respectively.


They act as Timmy Turner's sidekicks when he wishes himself into the Crimson Chin's comic books as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder. Their powers are flying and biting. Ace and Clefto once were the target of Nega Chin, who discovered that they were the reason why Timmy was able to win so easily, and he believed he could capture them to their magic. Puppy Poof's first appearance was in Chindred Spirits, where Poof visited Chincinnati for the first time, and to do it, he disguised himself as a dog, like his parents.


They look like identical dogs, but in Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof's green, pink and purple color scheme respectively, and with capes.

Cleft, Ace, and Clefto in Big Superhero Wish


Clefto and Ace first appear in the episode "The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad" as Cosmo and Wanda's official superhero forms respectively when they joined Timmy's adventures inside the Crimson Chin comicverse. While acting as these heroes, they could use their magic in plain sight of others, most notably in the episode "The Big Superhero Wish!" when Nega-Chin tricked Timmy into wishing away all non-villainous heroes' powers. Puppy Poof was later introduced in the episode "Chindred Spirits" as Poof's superhero alter-ego, although his abilities and purpose are more or less the same.

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