Titlecard-A Wish Too Far A Wish Too Far!
The Bouncer's first appearance is as a bouncer to the Popular Kids' restrooms. He denies Timmy Turner entry, stating that he is not a popular kid on the school's social chart. He appears again when Timmy becomes popular, nearly frightening Chester and A.J. away from Timmy, but Timmy orders the bouncer away. The Bouncer appears to explain the chart again at the end of the episode after Timmy is given an enormous boil by Jorgen Von Strangle as punishment for being very selfish.


Titlecard-Hail to the Chief Hail To The Chief
The Bouncer appears at the beginning of the episode in the cafeteria to clear a path through the line for Tad and Chad to cut everyone.
Titlecard-Love Struck Love Struck!
The Bouncer is seen guarding Trixie Tang during a flashback to one of her previous parties. When Timmy Turner attempts to give her a give, the Bouncer pulls a lever which launches Timmy away at Trixie's command.
Titlecard-Mind Over Magic Mind Over Magic
While empowered with the ability to read minds, Timmy Turner accidentally reads the Bouncer's mind moments before he is about to pummel him; the Bouncer ponders why he works for ten year olds, concludes it was because he dropped out of college, and decides to take out his frustrations aggressively at Timmy.



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