• This episode, as well as most of the other episodes, is mentioned in the iTunes description for Season 9. It is mentioned as "Timmy wishes his dad's life was an action movie."
  • This is the first time Cosmo, Wanda, Poof and Sparky fulfilling Timmy's wish together.
    • This is also the first time Sparky morphs into a fish with Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof.
  • The plot is reminiscent of season two's "Action Packed," in which Timmy wishes the world to be like an action film.
  • Francis was originally going to be in this episode along with Chester and A.J. but they were scrapped from the episode for unknown reasons.

International Premieres

  • November 22, 2013 (Nickelodeon Philippines)
  • February 2, 2014 (Nickelodeon Greece)
  • March 4, 2014 (Nickelodeon Latin America)
  • March 18, 2014 (Nickelodeon Israel)
  • March 21, 2014 (YTV, Canada)

Running Gags

  • People saying "boo ya!"
  • People fall asleep when Mr. Turner talks.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner fall asleep and either one has to carry themselves upstairs.
  • Mr. Turner being asked to stop and he says "That's a stupid question" and crashes into a building.
  • Sparky appears on a monitor in a toilet.
  • Cosmo says something he did was "exciting" but it was actually boring. 


  • The Bourne Identity - This episode title and Jason Bored's name is a parody of the book which got made into a television show, a movie, and the reboot of the movie.
  • James Bond - This episode is a reference to this.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - The eels that electrified the Foe Agents and gave them superpowers might be a homage to Electro who fell into a water tank filled with genetically modified eels and mutated him into a living generator.


  • At the beginning of the episode, when the Turner's House is shown full picture, Mr. Turner is not seen, however, on the inside he walks in the door.
  • At the end when Sparky says the toilet will self destruct, Wanda is missing her lipstick.
  • It's unknown why Sparky morphed into a fish because in other episodes, he didn't do this.

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