• This webisode is longer than the others.
    • There is a note at the beginning going across the top of the screen that reads "Episode 6 is EXTRA LONG! You might have to wait a few extra seconds to see it, but it's EXTRA WORTH IT! So hang in there..."
  • This webisode has the lowest audio quality of the webisodes.
  • This is the first appearance by Cosmo and Wanda since the first episode.
  • This is also the first appearance of Mr. Turner.
    • Mr. Turner is the only person from the real world to show up in the Web Series besides Timmy and his fairies.
  • This episode had the most instances of breaking the fourth wall in all the webisodes, with several references to them being in a web series, or acknowledging the Webtoons Announcer.
  • This is the last time the end tag was changed to a different picture, just saying "THE END" rather than a variation of "The Crimson Chin and Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder."

Wand scenes

  • The Chintastic duo dodge the Body's first attack.
  • Timmy avoids the laser blast from The Chin that was deflected by the Body of Evil.
  • The fairies transform Cleft into a Heart of Gold.
  • Timmy presses a button on his costume, making him blast off towards the Body of Evil
  • The fairies take Cleft back home.
  • The fairies lift the bag of candy.


Announcer: "Good vs Bad, Right vs Wrong....who would win? Well...who's cartoon is this?"

Announcer: "And as they say on the last page.....The End....THE END.
Announcer (after seeing Timmy is still easting candy): Oh...right. Can I have some of that?"
Announcer (after Timmy just makes the screen go blank without answering): "Fine! I'll just sit here and starve!"

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