The Body of Evil
Season Webtoons, Episode 6
Titlecard - The Body of Evil
Premiered: 2001
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The Body of Evil is the final episode of the Crimson Chin Webtoons.


After defeating five villains and sending them off to jail, the Crimson Chin and Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder relax, finally getting to appreciate the relative calm. However, the Chin cant help but think the villains are up to something.


The episode starts with the Webtoons Announcer giving a recap of the previous five episodes, going through all the superheroic exploits the Crimson Chin and Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder went through. However, even though they appreciate the calm that has come to the city, the Chin cant help be worried, thinking about how suspicious it is to have five villains in five webisodes.

Robot escape

It turns out that the villains were up to no good. The giant Doctor Robot (who was apparently off playing Giant Doctor Golf) had finally returned. Breaking the villains out of prison, he puts them inside his chest cavity so they could each take over the part of his body relating to their specialty, transforming him into the Body of Evil.

The Body of Evil mech

The Body turns out to be too much for the Chin, and he starts losing to them as the battle gets underway as Cleft realizes that the Chin could take out one, maybe two villains, but five is just too much for him. He knew that the Chin was outmatched and thought, "The robot had a head, a torso, legs, arms, and feet. What was it missing?" Cleft noticed it was missing a heart, and called his fairies for help. Using their magic, he transforms into his alter-ego, the Heart of Gold.

The Heart of Gold and the Body of Evil start fighting for a bit, until Cleft implants himself in the chest of the Body. The good of the heart starts clashing with the evil nature of the body, eventually turning the Body of Evil good. The Body spits out all the villains, sending them all back to jail, this time in separate jail cells.

Heart meets body

Cleft giving the Body of Evil a Heart

With the day finally saved completely, Timmy's fairies bring him home. Mr. Turner, seeing his costume, thinks that it must be Halloween, and gives him a big bag of candy, which ends up being a nice reward to top off his adventures with the Chin during the webseries.


The Body of Evil

The Body of Evil

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