Nega Chin: We'll meet again, Crimson Chin! I swear it!
Crimson Chin: You can't swear. Only the super-edgy, 1985 Crimson Chin can swear.
1980s Crimson Chin: Yeah, and I got cancelled for it!

Nega Chin: I have need for your special brand of tiny evil.
Short-Fuse: Tiny evil?! (Short-Fuse begins to detonate)
Nega Chin: I mean, big! Big evil wrapped up in a easy to carry package.

Nega Chin: They think they've beaten me. They think they'll win. But I know the secret to the Crimson Chin's powers in that three-dimensional world. His sidekick Cleft, and his sidekick's canine sidekicks. But mark my words child, you will pay! [his watch suddenly beeps] Time for my evil laugh! Ahahahahahahaha...!

[after Timmy opens his locker and a pile of Fs spill out]
Mr. Crocker: You like it? I decided to get ahead of the game and give you every F you get between now and college!

Timmy: Doesn't anybody stand up for the little guy?!
Vicky: Hey little guy, you look like you've had a hard day, how about a nice peanut butter sandwich?
Timmy: Who are you and what have you done with Vicky? [then takes the sandwich and eats it anyway]
Vicky: You probably want some milk now right?
Timmy: [with mouth full] Mmm-hmm.
Vicky: Got milk? ON YOUR HEAD! [smashes a milk carton on Timmy's head and walks off laughing]

[his alarm clock rings and he punches it]
Cleft: Tumbling Tardiness! I'm gonna be late for school!

The Baby Shredder: I'm....the Baby Shredder! My razor sharp claws (shows her claws), viciously sharp tongue (shows her sharp tongue), (shows a watch at 7:30 with a crying kid's face in the center) and strict 7.30 sharp curfew, will tear you apart!
Bouncing Boil: Surrender you evil cretin!
[runs towards Vicky, Vicky pops his boil and he flies past the Chin and Timmy]

Cleft: Thanks for saving me, Crimson Chin. You're a real hero.
"Crimson Chin": Yes I am, Cleft. Yes I am. Muahahahahahahaha.
Cleft: Hey, what's up with the evil laugh?
"Crimson Chin": Um..uh...Stay in school! [flies off]

[at Nega Chin's lair]
Doctor Crocktopus: Hey, this is a very depressing room. No sunlight, no hope. I should teach kids in here!

["Crimson Chin" reveals his true self to Dr. Crocktopus, Baby Shredder and Bull-E]
Dr. Crocktopus: The Nega Chin! The Crimson Chin's arch-enemy!
Baby Shredder: How did you know that?
Dr. Crocktopus: I confiscated a lot of comic books in my time.

[when Crimson Chin tries to break the cage he's held captive in]
Short-Fuse: Forget it, Chin! That cage is unbreakable from the inside.
Crimson Chin: Just the inside, not the outside? That's pretty small thinking, don't you think?
Short-Fuse: Small?! Why you- [he explodes and unintentionally destroys the cage]
Crimson Chin: Nice job, little idiot. They should call you The Lidiot!

Cleft: I guess the other heroes must've already won.
Nega Chin: Guess again, Cleft!
Cleft: The Nega Chin! You can't beat us super kids by yourself!
Nega Chin: Guess again, again, Cleft! You might think it's just me, until you see what's behind Mike, the evil living building!

Charles (Crimson Chin): As long as there's one smoldering ember on the barbecue of justice, you can still cook a mighty steak of victory!
Chester: Oh great, now we're powerless, and hungry.
A.J.: Who is this guy again?
Timmy: Uh...He's my uncle? My big-chinned, muscular uncle? Who speaks in metaphors?

Charles: And we're not alone! These three everyday heroes can help us as well. [points to the milkman, the firewoman and the janitor]
Timmy: What?! Those lame-o's? They couldn't help with a normal problem. What're they gonna do now? Help us surrender?
Charles: Just because somebody doesn't wear a superhero costume doesn't mean they can't be a hero.
Janitor: Timmy, I know you think we let you down before, but we're gonna make it up to you now. [holds up mop] By cleaning up this mess.
Firewoman: [holds up a hose that's spraying out water] And I'm gonna put out the flames of evil.
Milkman: And I, [holds up a bottle of milk] will deliver a cold bottle of justice to-
Timmy: Okay, we get it.
Charles: That's the spirit!

Nega Chin: [after the janitor presses the buzzer] Who is it?
Janitor: Weak human janitor here to clean up your super powerful messes.
Nega Chin: I'll buzz you in.
[Nega Chin's lair surfaces from the swamp and the janitor enters]
Nega Chin: You can start by cleaning up the mess in Bull-E's pen. Then when you're done, you can swear your allegiance to my evil!
Charles: Never!
Nega Chin: What? Who said that? Is that Craig, the evil living trashcan?
Charles: No! It's us!
Baby Shredder: Regular people?!
Nega Chin, Bull-E & Dr. Crocktopus: Without powers?!
Charles: Right! Now surrender! Or face the wrath of we everyday heroes!
[the super villains laugh]
Nega Chin: This shouldn't take more than three seconds. (goes into villains' bathroom) If you need me, I'll be taking a bath (Nega-Chin peeks out of bathroom door)....of evil! (Nega-Chin goes back into bathroom)

Timmy: Maybe my big-chinned uncle was right. Maybe we all have normal things that make us heroes!
Charles: He's right about me being right. Anyone with the power to stand up for what's right can be a hero.

Charles: As long as there's a single drop of water in the mighty river of justice, it will always cut through the canyon of truth and-
Nega Chin: Oh, please stop, will you? You're worse than the milkman.

Nega Chin: I don't understand. You beat me, a bunch of normal, powerless, kids!
Timmy: Dude, don't you understand? being normal doesn't mean you're powerless. In fact, normal people control your entire existence.
Nega Chin: LIES!
Crimson Chin: Actually, it's true.
Timmy: [walks to another panel] See that? That's the guy who writes the stories for your comic book. And he believes that good should always triumph over evil. And what the writer says, goes.
Nega Chin: Egad! No wonder I can never win!
Crimson Chin: Right! So you'll abandon your mad attempts to take over the three-dimensional world?
Nega Chin: Of course not! Next time I get out, I'm not going after your stupid dogs, I'm going after a much bigger prize. [breaks free of the rope and flies out of the comic book]
Timmy: Ace, Clefto, stop him!
Crimson Chin: Let him go, Cleft. His chin themed brand of evil can never triumph. For wherever there is a single blade of grass in the lawn of all that is good...No...Wait...As long as there is a single slice of justice on the deli-tray that is goodness, our sandwich of righteousness will always be a low-fat and delicious victory! No, what I mean is...Oh wait, it's not me, it's the writer's fault!
[fade out to the real world]
Crimson Chin Author: [to self and typing on a computer] long as there is a single zit on the teenaged face of justice...No, that's dumb. The Crimson Chin would never say that. Unless I Tell Him Too! [hears a knock on the door] Who is it?
Nega Chin: Special delivery for the geek who writes the Crimson Chin!
Crimson Chin Author: I hope it's the new issue of 'Nerds Who Live With Their Mothers' Monthly! [runs up to answer the door. As he opens it, the Nega Chin is seen standing there]
Nega Chin: Let's have a little chat about heroes. [grabs the author's shirt]
Crimson Chin Author: [nervously laughs] Mom, I'm going out! [gets pulled away as the Nega Chin begins to beat him up]
Crimson Chin Author's Mother: [offscreen as the camera zooms over to the Crimson Chin comic book] Don't come back unless you bring me grandchildren!

The Firewoman: Time to stop, chop and roll.
[She throws her axe severing Doctor Crocktopus' tentacles and freeing the kids he had captured in them.]
Dr. Crocktopus: HEY! One of those arms wasn't mechanical. (Screams and faints)

Timmy:  NOOOOOO!! Cool, there's a D in here!

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