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  • Timmy has apparently repaired his time scooter since it got destroyed in "Escape From Unwish Island".
  • Timmy Turner and Remy Buxaplenty declare a truce with each other at the end of this episode. This truce is later mentioned and then broken by Remy in his next appearance, "Operation F.U.N.".
  • Cupid's scavenger hunt list consisted of these items:
    1. The biggest egg that was ever been laid which was found in the Age of Dinosaur.
    2. Container 07-9-B from the Apollo 15 mission in 1971.
    3. The World's Largest Banana that was found with King Kong in 1933.
    4. Pot of Irish Gold from the 15th Century.
    5. An 18th Century Danish that was found with Napoleon.
    6. The Grande Treasure of the Peruvian Pyramid from Ancient Peru which turned out to be 100% Peruvian Coffee. (some jewels are on top of the treasure to fool people into thinking those are the real treasure, but Timmy figured out those weren't the real treasure because booby traps would have activated once they were taken)
  • Innuendo: Cupid says good thing I’m already wearing a diaper.


  • The Big Bang - The title is named after the scientific theory of how the world was created.
  • King Kong - When Timmy time-travels to 1933, you can see that the scene shows a giant gorilla climbing a skyscraper, Wanda as a plane, Cosmo and Timmy are the pilots which makes a clear reference to the movie.
    • Donkey Kong - The woman may resemble Pauline, and she got captured by an ape named Donkey Kong in the 1983 video game.


  • When the leprechaun hands Timmy the pot of Irish Gold, it has no lid, and you can clearly see there are gold coins coming out of the top. However, when it's at Cupid's house, it suddenly has a lid, which is opened to reveal potatoes.
  • Timmy wishes that the Dinosaur Egg was at Cupid's house. However, he is seen giving it to him when he goes there after gaining the last thing on the list.
  • Remy wished everyone asleep when the race started. But fairies can't use magic to win a competition according to Da Rules. However, since it turned out that the scavenger was just Cupid basically just tricking Timmy and Remy (and their godparents) into grocery shopping for his brunch and not an actual competition, that may be why the wish worked.

Production Notes

  • Although this episode premiered in 2005, it was produced in 2004 according to the credits.
    • This episode completed production in October 2004.[1]


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