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The Bad Parent Hunter
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: Adult
Personal Information
  Exposing poor parenting
  (To expose bad parents)
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Jason Marsden

The Bad Parent Hunter is a television character that hosts the show of the same name.


The Bad Parent Hunter and his show are a parody of the late Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter. In his Fairly OddParents version, he is a "Bad Parent Hunter" which stalks and captures bad parents like Mr. and Mrs. Turner like he would with a wild predator.


He wears the same clothes as his real life counterpart, khaki safari clothes. He also has a big gap in his teeth.


The Bad Parent Hunter is only seen in the episode, "Nega-Timmy".

Timmy Turner's parents apparently like this show, and were watching it while neglectfully ignoring Timmy by giving him dangerous acid to play with. They watched as the Bad Parent Hunter approached a home, which they did not recognize as their own and even made fun of the living conditions. However, moments later, the Bad Parent Hunter jumped through their living room window and rounded them up, revealing to Timmy's parents that they were the bad parents. This event caused Timmy's parents to become more overbearing with him, leading Timmy to wish that he would do the opposite of whatever his parents would say. Eventually, after Timmy's wish backfired on him and nearly destroyed the Make-Up Factory, he apologizes to his parents and says they are good parents. This saddened the Hunter greatly and he left since Timmy's parents were no longer considered bad parents. However, he is last seen where he gets excited when he discovers Crocker burned to a crisp by the super-evil laser and tells him he should put some make-up on that, though what happens next is unknown as the episode ends there, and the appearance of the Bad Parent Hunter.

Timmy is also seen playing a video game version of The Bad Parent Hunter before he is punished by his parents.

The Bad Parent Hunter