The 12 Days of Nickmas
The 12 Days of Nickmas
is a particular segment, an entire group of Nicktoon characters, all rendered in Rankin/Bass-styled stop-motion animation, sing to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas". The lyrics are as follows:
All: On the 12th Day of Nickmas, Nicktoons have on TV...
SpongeBob: Twelve bubbles blowing! (blows some in Squidward's face)
Squidward: Feh!
Jimmy: Eleven clones ATTACKING!! (is chased offscreen by Carl and his clones)
Debbie Thornberry: Ten thousand places I'd rather be right now. Ugh!
Carl and Hoodsey: Nine reindeer droppings! Hehehehehe!
Cosmo and Wanda: Eight oddball wishes! (grant said wishes, during which Vicky wanders too close to them)
Someone offscreen: Watch out, Vicky! (A portrait of Butch Hartman falls on Vicky)
Vicky: Seven thousand pounds, ugh... (Her feet curl up)
Squidward: Six jamming jellies! (The jellyfish circling his head sting him) Ow!!
Courtney: Five incredibly expensive golden rings!
Otto Rocket: Four dudes a-shreddin'!
Arnold, Gerald, and Helga: Three cans of hairspray! (spray themselves with said hairspray and cough)
Cosmo: Two turtles' love...
Wanda: Oh, Cosmo!
All: And a starfish on a pine tree!
Patrick: Hmmm... pointy.
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