Singer: Captain Green and the Eco Teens! Picking up trash and recycling things. Doing our chores, hugging the trees, solving problems non-violently!
Pappy: What the?
Timmy Turner: Look, just because it's new doesn't mean it's lame.
Kid: Today we're going to save the rainforests!
Captain Green: With an eco rap!
Timmy Turner: Okay, that's lame.
Captain Green: Ra-ra-rainforest. Ra-ra -- (Pappy turns the TV off with his cane)

Pappy: Timmy's the greatest! He made everything like an old cartoon with some new fangled whosie-whatsit. There were talking foxes with magic wands, a band that beat music out of animals, and then, I was kidnapped! But ooh, Timmy saved me - by eating vegetables!
Mrs. Turner: Okay. Timmy, say goodbye to Pappy - forever.

Pappy: The generation that was on this show started three wars, two police actions, and the National Hockey League!

Pappy: You can't hit girls in old cartoons!
Timmy: I wish Vicky was a boy!

Timmy: Come on Pappy what can possibly go wrong?

Sun: Don't stare at me too long, or you'll go blind!

Peg-Foot Vicky: I'm blinded!
Sun: I told ya! [laughs]

Timmy: I wish...
Wanda: Vicky was vanquished?
Cosmo: Pappy was free?

Timmy: Can we try pizza? How about roller skates? Video games? Comic books? Trading cards? Bubble gum? Ice cream? SODA POP?!?! [boom]

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