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This article is about the term. For the episode with the same name, see Temporary Fairy.

Temporary 14

The Fairy guarantee

Each fairy comes with a guarantee on the sole of a shoe. It says that "If the godchild in question is anyway unhappy or dissatisfied with the services provided by his godparent he can request a temporary fairy".

When a godchild wants to replace his fairies, he'll get a temporary fairy. The contract of the temporary fairy makes him/her the godchild's fairy for about 1 year. The first time that the concept was used was in "The Temp", an Oh Yeah! Cartoons short in which an elf named Jeff became Timmy's temporary fairy when his godparents had to go back to the Fairy Academy. This concept was brought up again in an episode of the same name: Temporary Fairy. This is the only episode in the main series that mentions the term "Temporary Fairy" and gives more information about this concept.

Since all other fairies have godchildren, Jorgen Von Strangle is what you get if you want a temporary fairy.

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