Jorgen: See you tomorrow, godchild!

Wanda: A rhino?
Jorgen: What? He is manly.

Timmy Turner: This contract is binding for a year or until Timmy Turner totally explodes" [throws down the contract in frustration] I'm stuck with you for a year!?
Jorgen Von Strangle: Don't worry, you will explode WAY before that!

Jorgen: Okay Turner, let's roll. Speaking of rolls, I replaced all of your toilet paper with flaming sandpaper! [laughs maniacally]

Cosmo: Timmy was not in the center of Earth but I'll keep searching!

Timmy: Ahh!! My eyes! It's freshmint!

Timmy: Wanda, I'm great! I just did three extreme wishes in a row. Jorgen's AWESOME!
Jorgen: Ahh, you're just saying that because, it is completely true!

Wanda: Sorry sport, but youve been making a lot of dangerous wishes lately and i have to make baby-friendly wishes for Poofs sake.

Wanda: Sorry, sport.
Timmy: Are you kidding? This is perfect! [hugs Poof]

Mr. Turner: Well, Timmy is not in the center of the earth. Where are you, Timmy!!!

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