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Hi I'm Sam601 i'm an atheist born Filipino because of this it's rare to find atheism in the Philippines before i used to be catholic but i got tired of it i became an atheist. However, I never had a good life at home. You see, everything's ok, except for my parents when it comes to religion. You see my parents force me to get communion, go to church and they want me to have confirmation. I don't want any of those. I have to do this every Sunday the worst day the week. But thank god I have great friends who respect me. Even if i'm not a catholic. Why can't i move out or just tell. My mother thinks atheism are those who are followers of Satan that's considered Satanism. I also can't move out since i'm a minor. I started joining Wikia in 2015 and i'm here till today. Aside from that, my parents force me to believe god exsist or Jesus. For our family. I go to a progressive school and not tell any members of my family about my atheism.


I love you guys! :)

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