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How to use

Title: The title of the episode.
Image: An image of the episode's title card.
Season: Season number
Episode: Episode number in season
Prodcode: Production code number

The following typically are listed during the title card sequence, when the title card changes to show the names of staff members.

Special Guest Stars: A Guest Star that lend his voice in the episode.
creator: Series creator (for Crash Nebula only)
Story: Name of the person who wrote the story of an episode (rare)
Writer: The writer(s) of an episode.
Storyboard: The storyboard artists of an episode.
Director: The director of an episode.
Producer: The producer(s) of an episode.
Production design: The producer of an episode.
Art direction: The art director (Usually George Goodchild or Bob Boyle)
Music direction: The music director (Usually Guy Moon)
Airdate: The date the episode debuted. This is usually the American airdate, but not always.
Headgag: Vicky's head gag during the title sequence.
Wish: The main wish Timmy made that affected this episode.
Book: Book Adaptations of the episode, if it has any.
dvd: DVD Releases of the episode.
iTunes: Link to the volume in which this episode is avaiable on iTunes.
Google Play: Link to the volume in which this episode is avaiable on the Google Play Store.
Previous: The preceding episode.
Next: The next episode.
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