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How to use

Name: The full name of the character.
Color: Creates a special background color for the template header. See Template:Changechar for more info.
Image: A screenshot of the character.
Caption: A caption that appears under the screenshot. Useful if there are more than one person in the image. (example: This is a picture of Timmy (left) and Cosmo (right))
Aliases: Any alternate names/identities this character goes by.
Hair color/Eye color: Hair and eye color of character.
Haircolorbox/Eyecolorbox: These are special values for the hair color/eye color colored boxes. If no text or color value is given, then the box will fill out automatically from what the regular hair color/eye color value was. This is useful for instances where character's hair or eye color has changed (such as Tootie or Nicky)
Gender: Male/Female/Neutral/Unknown
Species: Species of the character. Human/Fairy/Pixie/Genie/Anti-Fairy/Yugopotamian
Age: The character's age. Note that The Fairly OddParents is a floating time line, meaning nothing changes no matter what happens in the show. Example: Timmy has had at least two birthdays, but is still ten.
Birthday: The day of the character's birthday.
Affiliations: Who do the work for, what family/organization are they a part of, and/or what other characters they are usually seen with.
Planet: A celestial body (not just a planet; can be a star, moon, or asteroid) named after the character.
Enemies: Known enemies of this character.
Occupation: The character's job occupation. Student for the kids of Dimmsdale Elementary School.
Homeworld: The planet the character is from. Earth/Fairy World/Yugopotamia/Anti-Fairy World/Pixie World
Residence: The city the character is from, as well as the house that they live in if shown.
Interests: What this character usually is doing when they are shown on the show.
Goal: If this character has a goal on the show.

Parents: This character's mother and father if known.
Grandparents: This character's grandparents.
Godparents/Godsiblings: For godchildren, this is who their fairy godmother and godfather are. In the case of godsibling, only two are known in the show: Poof and Timmy Turner.
Godchildren: For fairy godparents (and others who have done this role), this is for who their godchild was.
Spouses: The character's husband or wife.
Children: The character's children.
Grandchildren: The character's grandchildren.
Siblings: This character's siblings, natural or through marriage.
Pets: The names of any pets, or types of pets if the name is unknown, that this character owns.
Others: Any other relationships not listed, example: Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Aunt
First: The first episode that this character appeared in.
Last: If this character has not appeared for a significant amount of time, or they only appeared in one or two episodes, this is for the last episode they were seen in.
Voiced by: Whoever this character is voice acted by.
Played by: Who are they played by in the live action movie
Live action link: When played by is filled out, this replaces the link to the article where the "live action" small text links to, defaults to the live action movie
Gallery link: This is a link to this character's image gallery category, if it exists it should be done automatically but some character pages have slightly different names than their image subcategory.

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