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Hey that's great template.One input I would like to pvdiroe is, it would be great if you can put drop-down in solutions tab, if any organization having multiple verticals, can also use that.Cheers,Divyang This is a template to generate links to Internet Movie Database, used exclusively for EPISODES.

To link a movie, use {{imdb title}} instead.
To link a person (actor, actress, etc.), use {{imdb name}} instead.
To link a company, use {{imdb company}} instead.
To link a character, use {{imdb character}} instead.
To link a biography, use {{imdb biography}} instead.


The required parameter is just the ID number (for backward compatibility, the parameter can be named id) and the template then uses the article title as the anchor text:

* {{imdb episode|ID}}

To have the link text be other than the article name, use second parameter (for backward compatibility, it can be named Episode):

* {{imdb episode|ID|Episode}}

Note that the options include the "*" for a bulleted list since this is most likely to be used in an "External links" section.

Detailed instructions

  1. Copy and paste one of the options above into the article
  2. Go to http://www.imdb.com, select TV episode in the search drop down menu and search for the episode you want (say, One for the Road; you'll reach http://imdb.com/find?s=ep&q=One+for+the+Road&x=13&y=10)
  3. Click on the correct One for the Road in the list:
    1. "Cheers: One for the Road (#11.25)" (1993)
  4. You then reach the page with URL looking like http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0539826/ (or other 7-digit number)
  5. Copy only that number (here, "0539826"), omitting the "tt" but keep all the leading zeros (though IMDB currently seems to be able to add them as needed)
  6. Replace "ID" in the template code with the number
    1. For the first option above, you'll then have
      * {{imdb episode|0539826}} resulting in:
      Note that the link text is the same as the title of the page the template is used on; outside the page "One for the Road", use the second option:
    2. Replace "ID" with the number and "Episode" with "One for the Road"
      * {{imdb episode|0539826|One for the Road}} results in:

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