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Hey that's great template.One input I would like to pvdiroe is, it would be great if you can put drop-down in solutions tab, if any organization having multiple verticals, can also use that.Cheers,Divyang

This template creates an icon.


Add {{icon|variable|size}} to create an article. See below for a list of variables. Default size is 16px.

Article management


  • IconOYC Season 0: {{icon|S0}}
  • IconOne Season 1: {{icon|S1}}
  • IconTwo Season 2: {{icon|S2}}
  • IconThree Season 3: {{icon|S3}}
  • IconFour Season 4: {{icon|S4}}
  • IconFive Season 5: {{icon|S5}}
  • IconSix Season 6: {{icon|S6}}
  • IconSeven Season 7: {{icon|S7}}


  • IconAj A.J.: {{icon|AJ}}
  • IconAJDad A.J.'s Dad: {{icon|AD}}
  • IconAnticosmo Anti-Cosmo: {{icon|AC}}
  • IconAntiwanda Anti-Wanda: {{icon|AW}}
  • IconBucky Bucky McBadbat: {{icon|BU}}
  • IconBinky Binky Abdul: {{icon|BI}}
  • IconBlonda Blonda: {{icon|BL}}
  • IconBigdaddy Big Daddy: {{icon|BD}}
  • IconBouncer Bouncer: {{icon|BO}}
  • IconChip Chip Skylark: {{icon|CS}}
  • IconChad Tad and Chad: {{icon|CD}}
  • IconCrepe Crepe Suzette: {{icon|CE}}
  • IconCrimsonchin Crimson Chin: {{icon|CC}}
  • IconChester Chester McBadbat: {{icon|CH}}
  • Chloe icon Chloe Carmichael: {{icon|CL}}
  • IconChet Chet Ubetcha: {{icon|CT}}
  • IconCosmo Cosmo Cosma: {{icon|CO}}
  • IconCrocker Denzel Crocker: {{icon|CR}}
  • IconChompy Chompy: {{icon|CH}}
  • IconCupid Cupid: {{icon|CU}}
  • IconDarklaser Dark Laser: {{icon|DL}}
  • IconDinkle The Dinklebergs: {{icon|DI}}
  • IconDolores Dolores-Day Crocker: {{icon|DC}}
  • IconDoug Doug Dimmadome: {{icon|DD}}
  • IconDoidle Doidle: {{icon|DO}}
  • IconDrbender Dr. Bender: {{icon|DB}}
  • IconElmer Elmer: {{icon|EL}}
  • IconEd Eddie the Furry Gerbil: {{icon|ED}}
  • IconHP Head Pixie: {{icon|HP}}
  • IconFoop Foop: {{icon|FO}}
  • IconFrancis Francis: {{icon|FR}}
  • IconGary Gary: {{icon|GA}}
  • IconJuandissimo Juandissimo Magnifico: {{icon|JU}}
  • IconJorgen Jorgen Von Strangle: {{icon|JO}}
  • IconKing King Grippulon: {{icon|KG}}
  • IconMamacosma Mama Cosma: {{icon|MM}}
  • IconMark Mark Chang: {{icon|MC}}
  • IconMissDimmsdale Miss Dimmsdale: {{icon|MI}}
  • IconNicky Nicky: {{icon|NI}}
  • IconNorm Norm the Genie: {{icon|NM}}
  • IconNegaChin Nega Chin: {{icon|NC}}
  • IconNegaTimmy Nega Timmy: {{icon|NT}}
  • IconPoof Poof Fairywinkle-Cosma: {{icon|PO}}
  • IconWaxelplax Principal Waxelplax: {{icon|PW}}
  • IconMandie Princess Mandie: {{icon|MA}}
  • IconDad Mr. Turner: {{icon|DT}}
  • IconMom Mrs. Turner: {{icon|MT}}
  • IconMayor The Mayor of Dimmsdale: {{icon|MD}}
  • IconMrs.Claus Mrs. Claus: {{icon|MS}}
  • Iconqueen Queen Jipjorrulac: {{icon|QJ}}
  • Iconremy Remy Buxaplenty: {{icon|RB}}
  • IconRobotVicky Robot Vicky: {{Icon|RV}}
  • IconSanjay Sanjay: {{icon|SA}}
  • IConSanderson Sanderson: {{icon|SD}}
  • IconSchnozmo Schnozmo: {{icon|SN}}
  • IconSantaclaus Santa Claus: {{icon|SC}}
  • IconSparky Sparky: {{icon|SP}}
  • IconTad Tad and Chad: {{icon|TD}}
  • IconToothfairy The Tooth Fairy: {{icon|TF}}
  • IconTimmy Timmy Turner: {{icon|TI}}
  • IconTootie Tootie: {{icon|TO}}
  • IconTrixie Trixie Tang: {{icon|TR}}
  • IconVeronica Veronica Star: {{icon|VE}}
  • IconVicky Vicky: {{icon|VI}}
  • IconWanda Wanda Fairywinkle: {{icon|WA}}
  • IconWendell copy Wendell Bender: {{Icon|WE}}<nowiki> <includeonly> <!-- CATEGORIES AND INTERWIKIS BELOW THIS LINE PLEASE --> [[Category:Article management templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] [[Category:Templates|{{PAGENAME}}]] </includeonly><noinclude>[[Category:Template documentation|{{PAGENAME}}]]</noinclude>

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