Title card # in Season (Total) Title Original airdate Production code Viewers
{{{EpisodeNumberSeason}}} ({{{EpisodeNumberTotal}}}) "[[{{{EpisodeName}}}]]" {{{Airdate}}} {{{ProdCode}}} N/A
Fill out a short, spoiler-free synopsis of this episode!
Starring: {{{Icons}}} [[{{{EpisodeName}}}/Appearances|more...]] Headgag: {{{Headgag}}}

This is for the episode lists on the by season pages.


Here is each function:

  • TitleCard: The title card, only the filename and extension is needed (ie Titlecard.jpg)
  • TitleCardBG: The background behind the title card, should be a lighter shade of the header/line color
  • EpisodeName: The episode name, should directly link to the article page (be sure to include exclamation marks if the episode has one)
  • Airdate: The episode's original (US) airdate
  • ProdCode: The production code, see the episode list for production codes.
  • EpisodeNumberSeason: The episode's number by season (resets at 1 for every season)
  • EpisodeNumberTotal: The episode's number by total in the series (Oh Yeah Cartoons don't count)
  • Synopsis: A brief, spoiler free synopsis of the episode. Also be sure to mention any important first time appearing characters.
  • Icons: Use the {{Icon}} template to list characters that play a pivotal role in the episode's plot.
  • Headgag: Vicky's headgag for the episode. Link if appropriate.
  • LineColor: The color of the line break, should match the header.
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