• This episode was going to air with The Boss Of Me, but it aired with Playdate of Doom instead.
  • Denzel Crocker's Persian-Bumble-Chipa-Dillo-Hound has the nose of a bloodhound to track fairies, the armor of the armadillo to protect himself from fairy magic, the wings of the bee to fly, the cheeks of a chipmunk to store the fairies, and the fur of the Persian because he likes the hair and wants to look good.
  • The shell of an armadillo is revealed to be immune to fairy magic.
  • Juandissimo is revealed to still be Remy Buxaplenty's godparent, but Remy himself did not appear in this episode.
  • This is not the first episode to show that Wanda can understand what Poof means when he repeats "poof, poof!", but it is the first to show that Cosmo can't.
  • The eleventh time Timmy transforms.


  • Dexter's Laboratory - Cosmo pressing a button on the time machine that causes trouble is similar to Dee Dee pressing a button that causes trouble.
  • Teacher's Pet - The meaning of the episode is where the student is the second special favorite of the teacher. In which, A.J. is Crocker's favorite student. 
  •  Goosebumps - In Teacher's Pet Blankenship fuse with animal DNA to become the ultimate creature.


  • Since Mr. Crocker saw all of those fairies, shouldn't they have to leave their godchildren forever? However, this could be because even though he saw the fairies, he did not know who their godchild were as evidenced by the Information Stupor Highway episode, fairies CAN stay with their godchild if seen as long as no one knows whose godchild the fairies assist.
  • While catching all the fairies Crocker is always faster than Timmy and his fairies. This is hardly possible since Timmy and the fairies used magic to appear everywhere while Crocker doesn't use any magic.
  • Guinea pigs aren't very small, and they don't usually run on wheels.
  • If Cosmo pushed the time machine button several times, Crocker's machine would reset the times Cosmo pushed the button.
  • When Mr. Crocker was muffled saying "Curse you, teeny tiny bee wings.", the captions say STUPID in place of TEENY.
  • Crocker stating "You've become my enemy today, Turner!". This is weird since they have been enemies since the beginning of the series. They teamed up several times over the course of the show, and in the newer seasons Crocker and Timmy became friendlier to each other, however they still remain enemies in general.

Running Gags

  • Mr. Crocker expecting anything made of paper clips and yarn.
  • Cosmo always pressing the button of the time machine again and again.
  • Juandissimo talking about how Crocker's breath stinks.

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