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A.J.: I cloned you an apple!
Mr. Crocker: See? He can do anything! Watch! AJ, build me a time machine out of paper clips and yarn!
[A.J. build the machine and presses the button]
Mr. Crocker: AJ, build me a time machine with paper clips and yarn! [stops and thinks] It works! A.J., take a vacation for the rest of the year.
A.J. : Thank you, Mr. Crocker.
[A futuristic A.J. appears in a flash]
Future A.J.: I'm from the future! Whatever you do, don't clone an apple!
A.J. It's too late! AHHHH!!!!!!
[A.J. runs out of the room]

Mr. Crocker: A cute little guinea pig? A.J. must have made you out of paper clips and yarn. I think I'll take you home and pet you and feed you yummy treats....
Timmy: [as the guinea pig] Maybe this won't be so bad.
Mr. Crocker: And subject you to diabolical experiments!!

Mr. Crocker: I have super stretchy chipmunk cheeks and a full head of cat hair; for the first time in my life I don't feel like a freak!

Juandissimo: Aye caramba...I see this Persian Bumble Chip-a-Dillo-Hound is a stranger to mouthwash.
Mr. Crocker: Eureka! now to catch another magic being!

Juandissimo: Fairies, animals, GET HIM! Just stay away from the diaper bin that is his mouth!

Mr. Crocker: Finally, I'll be the KING OF ALL FAIRIES." [pauses] Hmmm. That's not as ominous sounding as I thought. How about... I'll be the BIGGEST FAIRY IN THE UNIVERSE! [stops and frowns] No, that's worse. Whatever.

Mr. Crocker: To the Crocker Cave!

Prisoner: That's one freaky bloodhound.

Mr. Crocker: Note to self: Next time go with eagle wings.

Timmy: There he is, guys! I wish Mr. Crocker was back to normal!

Mr. Crocker: Aah! I'm a crockeroach! Aah! I'm a crockeroo!

Mr. Turner: So realistic!

Cosmo: What this button do? [Press the time machine button]. What this button do? [Press the time machine button AGAIN] What this button do?
Wanda: Cosmo, we have to rescue Timmy!

Wanda: Cosmo, that guinea pig is Timmy!

Timmy: Man, A.J. is so lucky, He gets the rest of the year off. I wish I were the Teacher's Pet.

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