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Wanda: Good morning, sport! Hmm, why are you sleeping by a mailbox?

Timmy: [to his fairies] Wait, you guys got invited to Trixie's party? She doesn't even know you exist!
Cosmo: We could say the same thing about you.

Wanda: Don't worry Timmy, I bet Trixie didn't invite a lot of people to her party.
Mr. Turner: Like everyone else in town, we got invited to Trixie's costume party! I'm going as a beautiful woman!
(Mr. Turner puts on a costume of Mrs. Turner, who in turn puts on a costume of Mr. Turner)
Mrs. Turner: So am I!
(Timmy's parents laugh and leave)
Timmy: I can't believe even my parents are going. Why wasn't I invited!?
Cosmo: I don't know Timmy, you're a great guy. Check out this chart of your awesome attributes!
Timmy: It's blank.
Cosmo: Yeah, that could be the problem.

Timmy: You know Mark, this party is the perfect opportunity for you to ditch the iFake and go as yourself. I mean, your Yugopotamian form would be the perfect costume!
Mark Chang: Mark Chang in the buff? In the raw? Au naturel? Brah, that's genius! Your welcome to hang out here while I'm at the par-tay, just mess the place up before you leave. Laters!

Wanda: I love costume parties! It's the one time we can go out as ourselves without anybody knowing we're-
Mr. Crocker: FAIRIES!

Mrs. Turner: This should be a great evening.
Mr. Turner: No Timmy, and free shrimp! It'll be awesome!
(Mr. and Mrs. Turner meet Trixie)
Mrs. Turner: Hey, that's a great costume! You look just like a bratty stuck up snotty little rich girl.
(Trixie glares them and Mr. and Mrs. Turner are carried out by security)
Mr. and Mrs. Turner: Nooo!

Trixie Tang: Thanks for coming everyone, now have fun while I mingle politely and criticize everyone's costumes.
(Trixie walks past Chester, A.J., Sanjay, Elmer, Vicky, the Mayor of Dimmsdale, Chompy, and Mark Chang)
Trixie: Lame. Boring. Boring. Lame.
(Trixie encounters a Transformer that shape shifts in front of her)
Trixie: So last year.

Trixie: Come on, people! Where's the costume that's going to WOW me?
(Timmy, costumed as Rex Perfection, makes his entrance, his smile brings someone's dead plant costume to life)
Trixie: Wow, as we snooty rich girls say, he's new boyfriend handsome!
(Trixie floats down the stairs to Timmy)
Timmy: Greetings, fair maiden. I'm Rex Perfection, but you can call me... Rex Perfection!

Trixie: Rex, your hand is so...
(Timmy's iFake malfuctions, turning him into a giant gorilla)
Trixie: Hairy!?

Mr. Crocker: [noticing Rex Perfection] Boy that kid's perfect, as we say in my business, he's gym teacher handsome.

Trixie: [Rex Perfection changes into Mark while she's kissing him] Eww, get away ugly loser! You're Mr. Crocker hideous!
Mr. Crocker: I heard that!

Mark Chang: And then I said... the Aristocrats!
(Mark and his entourage laugh and then Timmy costumed as Mark bumps into him)
Mark Chang: Awesome cost-u-may dude! As we say on my planet, you're Mark Chang handsome! Wait a minute...

Timmy: Mark, you've got to help change me back!
Mark Chang: And leave my harem, are you nuts?
(The girls Mark Chang is with unzip their costume, revealing themselves to be middle aged men)
Mark Chang: Perhaps I could spare a moment or two.

Timmy: So you really wanted me at your party?
Trixie: Of course I did! You're dreamy!
(She unzips her costume to reveal it's really Tootie)
Tootie: Now pucker up, lover boy! Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah-
Timmy: Ahh! Guys, a little help!?
(Cosmo and Wanda raise their wands and Tootie is launched away by one of Trixie's traps)
Tootie: Ahh! I don't care what my therapist says, I will always love you Timmy Turner!

Timmy: Trixie, any chance you really are happy I came to your party?
(Trixie pulls back a lever and Timmy is launched by Trixie's trap)
Timmy: Ahh! I don't care what my therapist says, I will always love you Trixie Tang!
(Timmy lands in distant trash barrels with Tootie)
Tootie: Hi Timmy! Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah-
Timmy: NOOOO!!!!!! [episode ends]

Timmy: I'm a prince! [grins and a plant grows back] Time to celebrate as in the 16th century!

Mr. Crocker: Where are you, Rex Perfection!

Wanda: Cosmo, that's not adressed to us, it's addressed to Timmy. You made a mistake!!!
Cosmo: Well I think the real mistake was asking the guy who can't read to get the mail.

Chet UbetchaAs they say in my business, that kid's weatherman handsome!

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