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Sylvester Calzone
Sylvester Calzone winning a Dimmy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30's-40's
Personal Information
  Dimmsdale, California
  Timmy Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Movie Magic
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Jim Ward
"C'mon! Is that the best I got!?"
— Sylvester Calzone, while punching himself

Sylvester Calzone is a famous actor in the episode, "Movie Magic" who was forced to appear in Timmy Turner's movie. He is an obvious parody of Sylvester Stallone.


Sylvester Calzone is a big budget movie actor that is known for punching out his critics. He is an actor and a film maker, who has won a Dimmy for his work at the Dimmadance Film Festival. He also owns a sleek Italian sports car, and three palatial estates only a Dimmy-award winning actor can afford. Similar to Juandissimo, his suits sometimes rip from his muscles, to which he will quickly run off and back on screen with a new suit on.


Sylvester is very well built and is described by Sanjay as having a "well-oiled chest". When he speaks, he talks in a mumbling cadence that becomes completely incoherent in later episodes. He has black hair, a huge chin, and green eyes. He has appeared in a number of costumes including a Roman gladiator, a boxer, and Rambo.


Sylvester Calzone was seen for the first time hanging around the Dimmadance Film Festival somewhere in Dimmsdale. He punched out Chet Ubetcha when he got to close to him while he was demonstrating his critic punching abilities. Timmy later wished Sylvester Calzone into the improved version of his movie, although it was never submitted to the film festival since Timmy realized that showing the new movie would not make his friends happy since only Timmy did any work for that movie. Sylvester was at the Film Festival when Timmy's original movie aired, and remarked that it stunk to which Timmy replied "What are you a critic?", so Sylvester started punching himself (because he punches critics) and spent the rest of the episode fighting with himself.

Sylvester Calzone later reappeared in the episode, "Momnipresent". By now his speech is completely incoherent aside from saying the word "Coconuts". He later then appeared at Timmy's Septemberfest and punched out Juandissimo when he was complaining about the party "not knocking (him) out".

Sylvester Calzone