Stock Image of Swizzle
Gender: Female
Species: Fairy
Hair color:       Teal
Eye color:       Teal
Personal Information
  Fairy World
Fairy Godchildren:
Molly (goddaughter)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Wishing Well
Last Appearance:
  Wishing Well
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

Swizzle is a fairy who acts as Molly's fairy godmother.


Not much is known about her except that, like her godchild Molly, she dislikes being touched. She was over-wished by Molly, who was in turn sent to Wishing Well, a place where over-wishing godchildren are rehabilitated. She was present at Molly's graduation ceremony.


She has puffy lavender hair, blue eyes, and wears a dark green shirt with black pants. Like all fairies she has a crown and wings. Her teeth also look slightly crooked.


She and Molly were only featured in the episode, "Wishing Well", where she appeared at the very end. Molly introduced her to Timmy Turner, but when he shook her hand, she yelled at him to never touch her ever again. Timmy then unsurprisingly notes that he sees where Molly gets her coolness from.

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