Surgeon General
Game Gary
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Uses: Entertainment
Additional Information
Found by:
  Timmy Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Imaginary Gary
Last Appearance:
  Imaginary Gary

Surgeon General is a board game based on the real life board game "Operation", for ages ten and up.


This board game is never actually played by Timmy Turner in the series, as nobody wanted to do so with him, so it is not understood how the rules of this game operate.


It appeared in the episode, "Imaginary Gary". Timmy Turner had recently bought the game, and was excited that he was considered old enough to play it now, but when he tried to convince his parents to play with him, they refused because they were more occupied with watching a pie slowly bake.

Timmy wished up Gary to play the board game him, but Gary did not want to either because board games were "not cool". Timmy later used it while inside his own mind to help defeat Imaginary Gary since at least physically Gary is five years old. As a result, he was powerless against it. The board game took the form of a gigantic surgeon/general in the mind sequence.


  • It is likely a parody of Milton Bradley's Operation game.

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