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Chet Ubetcha: Who are you, cape something?
Cosmo: (whispers to Poof) Fairies aren't suposed to reveal their existance, and I'm one of those.
Chet Ubetcha: Well, tell us your name.The world wants to know!
Cosmo: Ahhhh....It's not Cosmo...
Chet Ubetcha: Don't you mean: "Super Not-Cosmo" ?
Cosmo: OK!

Wanda: Oh, Cosmo, we're sorry about that.We miss you!
Timmy: Yeah, and it's boring here when you're out...And British.

Timmy: That's an electric warlus!

Wanda: Wanda Woman to the rescue!

Milk Man: I am Milk Man! Delivering torture in three flavors, Milk, Chocolate and delicious holiday eggnog!
Timmy's Dad: [nude] Did someone said "Eggnog?!"

Wanda: Cosmo, you're not helping! Just go!

Old Lady: It's not my cat!
Cosmo: You're welcome!

Cosmo: I'll change it to...a puppy (poofs up a wolverine)!
Timmy! Ahh! That's a wolverine!

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