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Super Toilet being summoned to take care of the remains of Super Bike.

Super Toilet is a toilet wished up by Timmy for unknown reasons. It was used to flush Super Bike (after his entire body was taken apart). After Timmy had wished it away, it was immediately sent to Unwish Island. Cosmo is greatly afraid of Super Toilet. If somebody mentions Super Toilet's name in front of Cosmo's face, he will prompt himself to take cover and quiver, saying "So much clogging...", and then sucking his thumb in fear.


  • When Cosmo falls in to the bowl, he says "NOT AGAIN!!!" as it flushes him, which means a possible reason that he is afraid of Super Toilet is that he once fell into it. Additionally, after Wanda says "And don't let him re-live SUPER Toilet", Cosmo says "IT TOOK THE PLUNGER! THE WHOLE PLUNGER!" during the following panic attack, implying Cosmo had enough time to actively struggle with Super Toilet with improvised "weapons."