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Super Humor
Season 0, Episode 10
Titlecard-Super Humor.jpg
Super Strong Timmy
Prod. Code: 010
Premiered: March 23, 2001
Wish: Various superpowers
Written by:
  Butch Hartman
Episode chronology
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The Really Bad Day!
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The Big Problem!
DVD Releases:
  Fairy Idol
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Super Humor is the 10th and final episode of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts. It was the last short to be created before the main series was picked up by Nickelodeon.


Timmy wishes for superhero powers and a powerful villain. Can he defeat the robot which has dangerous tentacles?


Timmy reads a comic about "Crimson Chin". A giant robot is breaking buildings, until Crimson Chin breaks the giant robot. Timmy wishes that his fairies would transform him to become a superhero, but his fairies do not know which one. First they grant him the ability to talk with animals. (He talks with fish and a fly.) Next, they make him strong.

Mighty Muscle Man

He spins the Earth so powerfully that it changes direction and bangs into other planets. Cosmo looks through a telescope at Jupiter and sees an alien shoot a man with a laser. Timmy wishes that he can fly super fast like Comet Commando. Timmy tries to fly, but crashes painfully into a tree branch, helicopter, street light, and an airplane. Because of the pain, Wanda covers him with magical paint for invulnerability. Meanwhile, he sees flies that are aging quickly. Next, they give him the Turbo-Timmy costume and Wanda makes his voice deeper. His villain is a large robotic monster which has three heads and tentacles.

The Dangerous Villain

. Timmy fights the robot. While Timmy is battling it, he wants to see inside it, so he asks for super-vision. Suddenly, Timmy is sitting with his parents who are watching a chicken juggling. Timmy asks his fairies why they completely changed everything. Wanda explains that they heard him ask for "supervision", so they gave him parental supervision. Dad swats at the flies which are around the popcorn, until the episode ends.


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