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This article is about the episode. For the magical bike, see Super Bike (character).

Super Bike
Season 2, Episode 7
Titlecard-Super Bike.jpg
Prod. Code: 11A
Premiered: Australia August 24, 2001
United States May 10, 2002 (produced in 2001)
Copyright: 2001
Wish: Super Bike Who later causes havoc
Written by:
  Jack Thomas
Storyboard by:
  Butch Hartman
Directed by:
  Butch Hartman
Art Direction:
  Bob Boyle
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"Super Bike" is the seventh episode of Season 2.


For the annual Father-Son bike race, Timmy needs some extra cycling power and wishes up a bike that's unstoppable, unbreakable, and totally modern and cool. In other words - Super Bike. But the super bike gets super jealous of Timmy's friends and other hobbies and just like Glen Close in Fatal Attraction - it will not be ignored.


Cosmo & Timmy are playing in the fish bowl searching for Wanda as a shark. They then see her and shoot her. Wanda pretends that she is about to die then turns pink. Suddenly Timmy's dad comes in looking for Timmy and says he has a present for him. Timmy wishes him into the garage. Timmy asked him what is his present. Timmy's dad made him a bike. The seat is manure, pipes are wood, pedals are slipper for extra comfort, and side bars are rusty old metals from another old bike. Timmy did not like it so he wishes for a super bike but is stopped as they had an agreement about super wishes. They can scare Cosmo especially when remembering Super Toilet. So Timmy wishes a very cool bike which he also includes super in it. POOF! Super Bike came and said to Timmy if he wants to go for a ride. Timmy said yes and they go on a ride. The next morning, his dad is reading the newspaper and called him who wants to ride to Chester's house. Timmy said that he is going to ride Super Bike to Chester's house, not his dad's self made bike. Timmy's mom said that they had to make a celebration because of riding his dad's bike. Mom takes a normal blender out but dad saw it that it wasn't the one he made. So she dropped it and got the blender Mr. Turner made. In Chester's neighborhood, Super Bike passed Chester's house so Timmy turned it around but super bike passed it again. Timmy got mad and yelled at him. The bike stopped. When Timmy got off, Super Bike called out that he forgot to put something up so he wouldn't fall. Then Super Bike took off his mirror and dropped it. Then he hypnotized Timmy and they both went to the race instead of using the bike Mr. Turner made. Timmy's dad sees this and his heart starts to break and he started crying on a tree although he claims to Timmy he is doing his deep breathing exercises. When the race starts Timmy feels sorry for his dad so he decides to go home because he was mad. In the garage, Timmy said that he wasn't good and this made Super Bike cross. Wanda tries to poof it away, but nothing happened. Super Bike then roasts Wanda and reminds her that he is indestructible since Timmy wished him to be that way. Timmy asked if he can talk to him outside. This changes Super Bike's feelings to good again and he agrees. Super Bike goes out and Timmy then slams the garage door so he can talk to his godparents privately. Then Timmy tells Cosmo & Wanda about his plan. Timmy pretends to say that Super Bike has a scratch in his nose.

Super Bike mad at Timmy.

Cosmo & Wanda then take something out of his parts and Timmy takes out for parts from Super Bike which makes Super Bike very angry and attack Timmy. Wanda was able to get the bike that Dad made out of the garage and Timmy escapes on it. Super Bike tries to catch Timmy, but he falls apart and Wanda kicks Super Bike's head. Timmy heads straight to the race. His dad was about to race when Timmy arrived. He asked where his bike was. Timmy responds "This is my bike". Then the race starts and their bikes fall apart! They both start laughing. Cosmo & Wanda were hiding in the bushes and Super Bike's head falls down and Wanda poofs Super Toilet and flushes it down Super Toilet.

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