Cupid: Diaper...*Throws diaper into suitcase* Diaper *Throws another diaper into suitcase then sees Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy* Uninvited guests.

Cosmo: Don't worry, Timmy, I'm sure you'll think of something really irresponsible that will totally backfire in the end.

Timmy: Awesome! Cosmo, you knew I was going to ask you to play Cupid so you put on a diaper.
Cosmo: Uhh.......riiiight.

Mr. Turner: Goodbye hideous plant on my lawn. (gets hit by love arrow) I mean, hello love of my life! I'm gonna call you Rosy and you can call me anytime. Gah, thorns!

Cosmo: (to his reflection) How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: one, seven, avocado, Europe...

Cupid: (to Timmy) What!??! How dare you touch my stuff, mister! Give it back!

Wanda: (after returning back to normal) "Are you crazy?! I'm a married woman!"
Juandissimo: "That's my Wanda!"

Mrs. Turner: (after returning back to normal) "Are you crazy!? I'm a married woman!"

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