Striker Z
Additional Information
Owned by:
Mr. Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Engine Blocked
Last Appearance:
  Wishy Washy
Destroyed In:
Wishy Washy

The Striker Z is a classic automobile that has appeared several times throughout the series. The car is flashy and worth lots of money, but is also a screaming metal death trap.


The Striker Z is a very rare car from a limited series release which was discontinued for having been too dangerous, described as a "Screaming Metal Deathtrap" due to its lack of air bags, rope seat belt, and pointy metal body. Mr. Turner had always dreamed of owning the toy version of this car since childhood.


It is a red automobile with silver lining and a design that reflects that of a 1950's automobile, bearing a resemblance to the first generation Ford Thunderbird. It also has elements of 1950-60s Chryslers styled by Virgil Exner and 1950's Chevrolet cars. There is also a variant seen with a white convertible top. It is revealed in "Wishy Washy" that the car has a turbocharged V12.


The Striker Z first appeared in "Engine Blocked". While going through a mid-life crisis, Mr. Turner is bringing Timmy Turner to go buy things when he spots this car on the side of the road, with Vicky standing next to it. Mr. Turner assumes the car belongs to Vicky, and she uses it as an opportunity to make a quick buck off of him anyway. However, shortly after Mr. Turner leaves, Doug Dimmadome arrives and tells Vicky he would have bought the car for a much higher price. Meanwhile, Mr. Turner begins to spend more time with his new car than Timmy, causing him to feel left out. Timmy wishes himself to become the Striker Z, but is stolen by Vicky shortly after who intends to pawn him off to Dimmadome. Mr. Turner manages to catch up to Vicky, who nearly drives over a cliff trying to escape him. She buys the car back from Mr. Turner with the intent of selling it to Doug Dimmadome, but the Striker Z then falls off the cliff and is destroyed. Mr. Turner explains to his son that he would not let him ride with him in the Striker Z earlier because it was a screaming metal death trap, and he values his son's life more.

The car reappears again "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" it is seen under the ownership of Vicky. The car appears to be much more beat up, with duct tape over some parts and missing lights, as well as a torn-up interior. Vicky also attached a "Vicky's Baby-Sitting" sign on top of her car, and drives it recklessly through the street as she drops off Jimmy Neutron (whom she thinks is just Timmy in a mask) to Dimmsdale Elementary School without stopping or slowing as she tossed him out.

In "Wishy Washy", another variant of the Striker Z is seen under Mr. Turner's ownership, this one having a white convertible top.


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