Strangle Buns
Strangle Buns
World: Fairy World
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Balance of Flour
Last Appearance:
  Balance of Flour

Strangle Buns is a bakery run by the Von Strangle family in Fairy World. Their specialty is exploding pastries.


Strangles Buns is a popular bakery owned/run by the Von Strangle family. The current owner is Nana Boom Boom, who is actually the grandmother of Jorgen Von Strangle, who works at the bakery part-time. The most popular treat at Strangle Buns is Nana Boom Boom's award-winning chocolate-cherry brownies, which win a bake-off against the Anti-Fairies every single (the brownies are a heavily guarded secret).


The outside of the building looks like a small brown cottage, with a sign featuring a bread and crown. The building is located on the corner of Abbott and Costello.

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