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Stranded Elf
Gender: Male
Species: Elf
Age: Immortal
Personal Information
  North Pole
  Building Toys
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Dad Overboard
Last Appearance:
  Dad Overboard

The Stranded Elf is one of Santa Claus' Elves that Mr. Turner crashed into and landed on the Deserted Island with.


He is one of Santa's Elves. He has a knack for building toys, and uses that ability to build Stanley & His Wife.


He wears a turquoise hat that is comprised of a cone with a star at the end. He also wears a similarly coloured shirt, with a black pair of pants and shoes. The Elf is completely bald, but has brown eyebrows.


When Mr. Turner got lost trying to find the hotel Golden Carcass, he ended on the North Pole, and crashed with an elf. Then he fell from a cliff into a whale and it squirted them to a Deserted Island. There Dad and the elf tried to make a raft to take everyone off of there but failed. So the elf and Dad (who had been affected by the sun and wanted to be called Linda) created a boat store because it's the best way to get a boat. Elf officially inaugurated it and was the one who built Stanley & His Wife, the owners of the hardware store Dad built. Later, after Cosmo accidentally activated a nuclear bomb Poof found, the Turners went to the submarine Dad built on his spare time and threw in Stanley, his wife and the elf, and they all went safely home until Dad got lost again and found himself on Santa's Workshop again, where presumably the elf stayed.

Stranded Elf