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Squirrel Scouts
A.K.A.: Squirrely Scouts
Organization Information
Mr. Turner
Mr. Turner
Sheldon Dinkleberg (formerly)
Timmy Turner
Chloe Carmichael
Chester McBadbat
Percy (Squirrely Scout)
Ricky (Squirrely Scout)
Type of Organization:
Boy Scouts
Lake Stikismelly
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Scout's Honor
Last Appearance:
  Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears

The Squirrel Scouts, alternatively named the Squirrely Scouts, are a Boy Scout (Later both gender)-style organization that operates in Dimmsdale, which Timmy and his friends are a part of.


The Squirrel Scouts seem to teach basic nature survival skills, and hold friendly competitions with other organizations, such as their primary rivals, the feminine Sugar Cream Puffs. Like the real-life Boy Scouts and other parodies of the organization, merit badges are an important part of Squirrely Scout ways. Up until "Girly Squirrely", the organization did not allow or contain female scouts. However, Mrs. Turner was allowed to participate in a Squirrely Scouts competition in Who's Your Daddy? with Timmy, due to her lawyer forcing them to allow her. Mr. Turner is the main leader of Timmy's troop, Troop #13. In Girly Squirrely, it was revealed that his whole troop was banned from the organization, likely due to Mr. Turner's negligence as a troop leader. He used his new-found wealth to buy another chance in the organization, with the catch that the troop has to get one merit badge to prove itself. They end up succeeding. In the game, Breakin Da Rules Vicky uses the Sugar Cream Puffs to capture the Squirrel Scouts, and it is up to Timmy to free them. In the book, Scout's Honor, Remy briefly buys the troop and renames them the Remy Scouts.


Squirrely Scouts wear a uniform that consists of a blue shirt and shorts with a belt that is darker blue in colour. They also wear yellow scarves on their necks, with a hat that has a squirrel face, ears and tail. In Scout's Honor, the hat is grey while in all other appearances, it is the same shade of blue as the rest of the uniform. Another difference in Scout's Honor was the belts being black rather than blue.


Lone Credo (Squirrely Puffs)


I am a little squirrely scout.
'The squirrely-er I speak.
'I flick my tail and never fail,
'To stuff nuts in my cheeks!

Group Credo (Girly Squirrely)

We are little Squirrely Scouts,
We like to hoard our nuts.
We climb up trees, and skin our knees
And shake our Squirrely butts.

Extra Verse (added by Chloe)

No matter what we never quit
We're loyal and we're kind
Through poison oak and fire and smoke,
No squirrel gets left behind!

Known Important Members


Scout Leaders

Other Scouts

  • Unnamed scoutmaster (in one book)
  • Remy Buxaplenty (troop leader in one book)
  • Scotty (The Fairly Oddparents: Breakin' Da Rules)
  • Bud ( The Fairly Oddparents: Breakin' Da Rules - A Badge Too Far)
  • Chuck (The Fairly Oddparents: Breakin' Da Rules - A Badge Too Far)
  • Marvin (The Fairly Oddparents Breakin' Da Rules - A Badge Too Far)
  • Joe (The Fairly Oddparents: Breakin' Da Rules - A Badge Too Far)
  • Judy (Squirrely Scout)
  • Eric (Squirrely Scout)
  • Delton (Squirrely Scouts)



Video Games



  • After Scout's Honor, the first Squirrely Scout episode that was actually about the scouts, and not just the backdrop for another plot was 8 seasons later, with Squirrely Puffs.
  • Timmy is the only scout to be in every Squirrely Scouts episode.
  • In Jerk of All Trades, it is revealed that the Squirrely Scouts have their own type of cookie.

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