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Foop: Knock knock
Annoyed Little Elf: Who is it?
Foop: DEATH!!!!!
[Foop is the only one laughing]

Mrs. Powers: Now Poof, it's your turn to give your speech.
Poof: Poof poof!
Class: YAY!!!
Foop: You liked that instead of mine!?! He only said his name twice! It's the only thing he can say!!!

Foop: Poof, if you join me, I'll name you vice-president.
Foop: [to self] I thought I was going to be vice-president!
Foop: Now you're the minster of agriculture, so what do you say Poof?
Foop: Is that a no? Because I never really understood what you're saying.

Mrs. Powers: We have a very popular student in our class: Foop!!!...
Foop: Oh please....
Mrs. Powers: ...spelled backwards: Poof!

Foop: Class of morons and future victims, slaves, underlings, and minions: DEATH!! PAINFUL FIREY DEATH! You wonder "Am I a leader?" DEATH!!!!! And so, in conclusion, vote for me or death, painful firey death. Thank you very much.

Wanda: All magic creatures must go to spellementary school to learn to use their magic
Cosmo: Except me! I never went to spellementary school!

Cosmo: I never went to driving school either

Timmy: Relax Wanda, I may not be a baby but you have me! (Wanda poofs him into a diaper and Cosmo shoves a bottle in his ear)

Mrs. Powers: Does anybody want to make a nomination? [For class president]
Elf Kid: Yeah, I nominate the Foop...
Foop: YES!
Elf Kid: Spelled backwards !
Foop: [To himself] You fall for that every time...

Mrs. Powers: ...And it's unanimous! The winner is Foop...
Foop: YES!
Mrs. Powers: ...Spelled Backwards!
Foop: Every time! Wait, unanimous? But that's impossible! I voted for me, repeatedly!
Foop: [other personality] Actually Poof won me over my his speech so I changed our vote! [normal personality] Oh you imbecile! Being president was my last chance to rule the school!

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