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"A Fairly Odd Christmas" Elves to Alternate Crimson Chins
Alternate Crimson Chins/Images to Bippy the Monkey/Images
Bippy the Monkey/Images/Abra-Catastrophe! to Chester McBadbat/Images/Formula For Disaster
Chester McBadbat/Images/Foul Balled to Chеstеr MсBadbаt/Images/Manic Mom-Day
Chеstеr MсBadbаt/Images/Merry Wishmas to Cosmo/Images/The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad
Cosmo/Images/The End of the Universe-ity to Crash Nebula (character)/Images/Spaced Out
Crash Nebula (character)/References to Denzel Crocker/Images/Turning Into Turner
Denzel Crocker/Images/Twistory to Doug Dimmadome/Quotes
Doug Dimmadome/References to Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Fairly Odd Fairy Tales/Appearances to Francis/Images/Just Desserts!
Francis/Images/Kung Timmy to Head Pixie/Images/School's Out!: The Musical
Head Pixie/Images/The Fairly Oddlympics to Juandissimo Magnifico/Images/Momnipresent
Juandissimo Magnifico/Images/Odd Squad to List of season 10 episodes
List of season 1 episodes to Missy/References
Mo Collins to Mr. Turner/Images/Whittle Me This
Mr. Turner/Images/Who's Your Daddy? to Nancy Turner/Images/Formula For Disaster
Nancy Turner/Images/Foul Balled to Pixies, Inc. (location)
Pixies Inc to Pull Back the Fairies
Pumpkin gaming to School's Out!: The Musical/Images/4
School's Out!: The Musical/Images/5 to Stage Fright/Credits
Stage Fright/Images to The Chamberlains/Images
The Chin-Hounds to The Same Game/References
The Same Game (transcript) to Timeline:March 23
Timeline:March 25 to Timmy Turner/Images/One Flu Over the Crocker's Nest
Timmy Turner/Images/One Man Banned to Trixie Tang/Images/Cosmo Rules
Trixie Tang/Images/Dadbra-Cadabra to Vicky Loses Her Icky (transcript)
Vicky The Babysitter to Wanda/Images/Scary Godparents
Wanda/Images/School's Out!: The Musical to Weirdos on a Train/Appearances
Weirdos on a Train/Credits to
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