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"A Fairly Odd Christmas" Elves to Alternate Crimson Chins
Alternate Crimson Chins/Images to Bippy the Monkey
Bippy the Monkey/Images to Chester McBadbat/Images/For Emergencies Only
Chester McBadbat/Images/Formula For Disaster to Chеstеr MсBadbаt/Images/Love at First Height
Chеstеr MсBadbаt/Images/Manic Mom-Day to Cosmo/Images/The Boy Who Would Be Queen
Cosmo/Images/The Crimson Chin meets Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad to Crash Nebula (character)/Images/Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary
Crash Nebula (character)/Images/Sleepover and Over to Denzel Crocker/Images/Turner & Pooch
Denzel Crocker/Images/Turner Back Time to Doug Dimmadome/Images/Odd, Odd West
Doug Dimmadome/Images/Odd Ball to Fairly Odd Breakin' Da Rules Sunday
Fairly Odd Christmas to Francis/Images/Future Lost
Francis/Images/Hex Games to Head Pixie/Appearances
Head Pixie/Images to Juandissimo Magnifico/Images/Fairly Odd Fairy Tales
Juandissimo Magnifico/Images/Fairy Con to List of magical characters
List of merchandise to Mission Responsible/Appearances
Mission Responsible/Images to Mr. Turner/Images/Vicky Loses Her Icky
Mr. Turner/Images/Viral Vidiots to Nancy Turner/Images/Farm Pit
Nancy Turner/Images/Father Time! to Pirate Stadium
Pixie to Principal Waxelplax/Images/Poltergeeks
Principal Waxelplax/Images/Smarty Pants to Schnozmo Cosma
Schnozmo Cosma/Appearances to Squirrely Puffs/References
Squirrely Puffs (transcript) to The Bronze Kneecap/Images/Chindred Spirits
The Carmichael Home to The Really Bad Day!/Appearances
The Really Bad Day!/Images to Timeline:March 12
Timeline:March 13 to Timmy Turner/Images/No Substitute For Crazy!
Timmy Turner/Images/Odd, Odd West to Trixie Tang/Images
Trixie Tang/Images/A Wish Too Far! to Vicky Goldman
Vicky Icky to Wanda/Images/Please Don't Feed The Turners
Wanda/Images/Poltergeeks to Webisode 1/Appearances
Webisode 1/References to
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