Sparky: "I know a lot of words, cause I just ate a dictionary!"
Timmy: "Oh my gosh! It's a TALKING dog! I gotta have him!!!!"

Sparky: "I like this chew toy."
Poof: "Hehehehehehehehe!"

Timmy: "Here boy! Go get the paper, boy!" (Sparky gets the newspaper guy)
Newspaper Guy: "I'm frightened!"
Timmy: "No! The newspaper! (Sparky gets the newspaper and goes to the bathroom)
Timmy's Dad: "I hope you're not doing the crossword puzzles!!"

Timmy: "Come on, boy! Go fetch the wands! (Sparky gets Wanda) That's not a wand, that's Wanda!"

Timmy: "Sparky, you're alive!"
Sparky: (to Timmy) "Of course I'm alive. Fairy dogs can't die. You were nuts to jump in after me. What's wrong with you?"

Timmy: "Why would anyone ever bring you back to the pet store?"
Sparky: "Technically, they drop me off in front. They're scared of the magic turtle poop."

Sparky: "Fetch! Yay! I broke something on my first try! I'm good at fetch!"
Timmy: "My parents'll flip!"
Sparky: (uses his tail as a wand) "We gotta get it back!"

"Mexico!? I know a guy there who can set us up."

"I CAN'T DRIVE!!!!!!!!!"

"Hey, everyone! I made baby book ribs!

"Uh, hello? French Food To Go? I'll have a creme brulée, and also some burnt creme.

"And-a 3! (singing) I love Timmy Turner! Hey wait wait, where's my guitar?"

"Oh sure! They make a big deal over a baby talking! No one says a thing about a talking dog!"

"I've always loved to watch Demolition Derbies!"

"What's shaking, toots! Uh I mean, bark."

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