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This is a list of other locations in the Solar System, other than the Earth and Yugopotamia (Tyche) and their appearances within the series. All the planets in the solar system appeared together in Wishology where they were used to help stop The Darkness.



The Moon



Mars appeared in Back to the Norm when Mr. Crocker got Norm as a genie and Norm wanted to wish Timmy to Mars. Crocker kept refusing, and at the end of the episode, Timmy wishes him to Mars instead.


It appeared to have a dusty, brownish red surface with small rocks all around. The sky was orange.


Jupiter appeared in the episode, Love Triangle, where Foop sent Poof and Sammy Sweetsparkle there to get them out of the way so he could be the lead in the school play. It is named after Zeus.


Despite being a gas giant in real life, in the series it is depicted as having a rocky, light brown surface with steep mountains colored a darker brown in the distance. This "mistake" may have been intentional.




Uranus was mentioned in the episode Shelf Life when Wanda was talking about all the damage Tom Sawyer could cause to the universe if he started changing things in an Astrophysics for Morons book.


Named after Poseidon and seen in Wishology!


Pluto appeared in the episode, Vicky Loses Her Icky, where Cosmo accidentally blew it up after pressing a button belonging to The President, that would blow up the world (a reference to James P. Hogan's novel Inherit the Stars). It was assumed Earth would have blown up instead.

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