The Fairly OddParents episode transcript
"So Totally Spaced Out"
Season №: 3
Episode №: 23B
Airdate: August 1, 2003
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This article is a transcript of the The Fairly OddParents episode, "So Totally Spaced Out" from season 3, which aired on August 1, 2003.


[The day starts off on Yugopotamia in the kitchen of Mark Chang's house. His father and mother are at the table having breakfast.]

King Gripullon: Mark! Breakfast! Get down here, future ruler of all Yugopotamia!

[Mark enters the scene through an automatic door.]

Mark: Good morning, parental units! Now, what hideous feast has Mother prepared for us on this marvelously disgusting Yugopotamian day?

Queen Jipjorrulac: [holds up cereal] It's a new breakfast cereal called "Invader O's."

Mark: With a special surprise inside every box! [grasps cereal box] Radical!!

[Mark, Gripullon, and Jipjorrulac peer inside the box. They quickly frown and scream in fear.]

Mark, Gripullon, and Jipjorrulac: AH!!

[Cut to a waitress serving Invader O's cereal to some Yugopotamians at a diner. They peer inside the box curiously.]

Yugopotamians: AH!! [runs away]

[Cut to several Yugopotamians grabbing boxes of Invader O's cereal at a grocery store. They peer inside the box.]

Yugopotamians: AH!! [runs away]

[Cut to a father Yugopotamian reading about the Invader O's "Special Surprise Inside Panic" in the newspaper. His baby crawls up to him and shows him a box of Invader O's.]

Yugopotamian dad: AH!! [runs away and takes his baby with him]

[Cut to outside the buildings of Yugopotamia with many Yugopotamians screaming in panic. Mark Chang pops his head out from under a manhole.]

Mark: Mother, Father! I shall save you! But I cannot do it alone. I shall recruit the universe's greatest warrior to defeat the special surprise inside! [Mark retreats to his spaceship and starts his voyage to Earth.] I will recruit!

[Cut to Timmy holding up a pink stuffed bear and cuddling it.]

Timmy: Aw, it's so cute! [indistinct baby noises] And I don't care. [stares at teddy bear with apathy]

Wanda: Oh, but Timmy, it's cute and adorable!

Timmy: [tosses teddy bear away] I'm a ten year old boy. Cute toys bore me.

Cosmo: Hey! We're cute! [does cute pose with Wanda] You're not bored with us, are you?

Timmy: Well--

[Timmy is interrupted by the loud crash of a Yugopotamian ship that has smashed inside his bedroom. Mark Chang emerges from the ship.]

Mark: Dude, can I use your bathroom?

Timmy: It's Mark Chang! Cosmo, Wanda, defensive maneuver eight! [Cosmo and Wanda poof Timmy into his Crash Nebula spacesuit and Timmy aims a cannon at Mark.]

Mark: No, Timmy Turner! I, like, totally come to you on bent knee. [bounces tentacle, trying to bend it]

Wanda: Um, what knee?

Mark: Tentacle! Can I please finish..

Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda: Yes.

Mark: Yugopotamia's being, like, overrun by a special surprise inside [holds up Invader O's cereal box] called the Gigglepies! We need your help, dude. You are, like, our only hope!

Timmy: Uh, I don't know.

Mark: Aw come on!! Is there any way I can get you to fight for Yugopotamia's freedom!?

Mrs. Turner: [from outside] Bye, Timmy! We're leaving!

Mr. Turner: [from outside] Which means Vicky's coming! [Timmy's parents zoom off in a car, revealing Vicky who is holding a baseball bat menacingly.]

Timmy: [looking at the window at Vicky] Which means I'm going! Mark! You're on!

[Mark presses a button on his belt which places Timmy and his godparents in a capsule.]

Mark: Excellent! Hi, I will be right behind you, for nothing can stop me from fighting by your side to save my parents and my planet!

Vicky: [from outside Timmy's room] Hey, twerp! You got a lot of my chores to do!

Mark: [smiles happily] Except the evil earthling... Later, dude! [presses another button on his belt which sends the capsule to Yugopotamia. Mark then opens the door for Vicky.] Vicky! My Love! I have returned for you!

Vicky: [with sarcasm] Oh, great! You're back. [Mark Chang gets hearts in his eyes.]

[Cut to Timmy and his godparents' trip to Yugopotamia.]

Wanda: Timmy, are you nuts? You can't free an entire civilization!

Timmy: Hellooo, I have you guys and your magic to help me. Besides, how terrifying could a special surprise inside called the Gigglepies be?

[Timmy and his godparents finally land on Yugopotamia.]

Timmy: Now be on your guard. Yugopotamia is the most hideous, disgusting place in the universe. [surprised upon seeing the rainbows and flowers decorating the usually repulsive planet]

Wanda: ....Or not.

Timmy: But the Yugopotamians HATE pink! Something is very, very wrong...

[A shadow creeps up behind Timmy and co.]

Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda: AAH! [Timmy aims cannon and looks down to see a cute bunny-like creature.]

Gigglepie Trilly: Hi, I'm Trilly, the trust Gigglepie! I noticed you three when you fell from the sky!

Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda: Aw, it's so cute!! [all three get hearts in their eyes]

Timmy: ..And now I don't care. [aims cannon once again at the Gigglepie] So take us to your leader!

Gigglepie Trilly: I'm Trilly, the trust Gigglepie! Accessories not included. You can surely trust in me, I shall now take you to Overlord Glee! [hops off gleefully and Timmy and his godparents follow after]

Wanda: Wow, that was pretty easy.

Timmy: Defeating these guys is gonna be a piece of cake!

[Cut to Mark serving Vicky a piece of cake and mowing the lawn while trimming the hedges]

Mark: Beloved Vicky, I am pleased to announce--

Vicky: No complaining, loser.

Mark: Who's complaining? I am simply reporting that the grass has been decapitated and the rebellious hedges have been brought into line. [clips hedges]

Vicky: Great! Then start spreading THAT  [holds up a large, heaping bag of cow manure] on the flowerbed.

Mark: Jumbo bag of cow manure? Why would you waste this tasty treat on such hideous petunias! Where I come from, mulch such as this is the rarest of all delicacies! [pours manure down his throat]

Vicky: Um, what planet are you from?

Mark: [munching] Yugopotamia... [belches]

[Cut back to Timmy on Yugopotamia, walking down the colorful streets]

Timmy: How would Yugopotamians like this stuff? These things are WAY too sweet! Hmm..heey! Where are the Yugopotamians! [stares at the empty streets]

Gigglepie Trilly: Yugopo-whaty what? I don't see. I'm just here to help you three!

Timmy: I'm warning you--no funny business. [aims giant cannon at Gigglepie Trilly]

Gigglepie Trilly: Oh, no funny--that's not I. Boo Boo [Gigglepie Boo Boo shows up] is the funny Gigglepie. Boo Boo jokebook not included.

Timmy: [Gigglepie Boo Boo and Gigglepie Trilly start tickling Timmy.] Hahahaha! Cut it out! Heheh, I'm ticklish! Cosmo, Wanda, don't get distracted by their cuteness! Haha, I need you guys to watch out for any funny business!

Cosmo: [mesmerized by the cuteness and holding up a Gigglepie] I'll give you three Bleeblees for a Wawa!

Wanda: [mesmerized by the cuteness and holding up two Gigglepies] I'll trade you two Pobocaps for a Weewee card!

[Cut back to Mark on Earth]

Mark: [wearing overalls and holding up paint rollers and cans of white paint] Vicky! I have finished applying the high gloss egg shell-white liquid shielding to the family fortress!

Vicky: [impressed] Wow! You're a lot faster than the twerp and you don't whine when I tell you that you're a slimy, mulch-breathed geek!

Mark: Of course not! Where I come from, the mind-numbness of menial chores coupled with insults is the greatest expression of love!

Vicky: And where I come from, the labor of others making money for me is an even greater expression of love!

Mark: How do I prove my love by doing this money-making labor of which you speak? [Vicky smiles an evil grin]

[Cut to Mark ringing the doorbell of a neighboring house.]

Dinkleberg: I'll get it. [gets door]

Mark: Foreign exchange student painting service! [holds up cans of paint] We're four times faster than your inferior race.

Vicky: [peeks out from behind Mark's figure] And five times the cost!

Dinkleberg: Oh, who can argue with that marketing? [holds up large wad of cash and hands it to a delighted Vicky]

[Cut back to Yugopotamia, where several Gigglepies are marching in synchrony down the streets]


Follower Gigglepies: I don't know what I've been told!


Cosmo: Buy one!

Follower Gigglepies: Sound off!

Wanda: Buy two!

Follower Gigglepies: Sound off, three, four, BUY THEM ALL!

[Timmy runs through the crowd of Gigglepies and finds Cosmo and Wanda who are happily throwing the Gigglepies in the air.]

Timmy: Guys, what's the matter with you? Snap out of it!

Cosmo: [hypnotized by the cuteness] I do. I DO! I WANT TO BUY THEM ALL!

Timmy: Oh my gosh! They're hypnotizing them with their fluffy alien cuteness!

[Gigglepies march Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda to a strange tower and toss them into the darkness of the stony gray building.]

Timmy: Whoa. Where'd the love go?

Overlord Glee: Hello, you three! I'm Overlord Glee! Won't you come and bow down to me?

Timmy: Ha! We will never bow down to you!

[Cosmo and Wanda continuously bow down to the Gigglepie leader.]

Cosmo: Hehahaheh! Bowing is fun!

[Pan to the Yugopotamians locked in the cages nearby]

Queen Jipjorrulac: Oh, no! The special surprise inside has captured the greatest warrior in the universe! AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Timmy: [walks up to the caged Jipjorrulac] Aw, crud. What have you done with them? And this planet?

Overlord Glee: I'm glad you asked; you're pretty smart. Let me show you our plan on this chart. [a screen shows up] Taking over a planet isn't that tough. We suck planets dry by selling Gigglepie stuff! You can see by these lines, [points to a bar graph, the red bar represents sales and the brown bar represents freedom of customers]  this one's red, this one's brown! As our sales go up, all their freedom goes down.

Timmy: But Yugopotamians hate your kind of fuzzy, gooey cuteness!

Overlord Glee: Usually we cast our spell. But furriness works just as well. [several Gigglepies tickle the caged Yugopotamians with pink, fluffy feathers, much to the Yugopotians disgust and fear.]

Timmy: And what do you do when you suck the planet dry?

Overlord Glee: We do what we always do! Blow the planet up and move on to the next one. [the cute Overlord Glee then suddenly turns red and hideous and develops a harsh, grating voice] ISN'T THAT CUTE?! [turns back to normal]

Timmy: That's horrible! ...And it didn't rhyme!

Overlord Glee: He's onto us! [turns into the red, hideous creature again] GET HIM!

[Crowds of Gigglepies enter the scene]

Timmy: Stand back! [blasts the cage containing the Yugopotamians with his cannon and sets them free]

King Gripullon: You wasn't locked.

Queen Jipjorrulac: We were in it for our own protection!

Timmy: What's the matter with you?! They're soft...and fluffy! Show some backbone!

King Gripullon: Well, you know none of us have any spines to show!

Queen Jipjorrulac: Why do you mock us?!

[Gigglepies charge at Timmy and start tickling him]

Timmy: Leave me alone! Haha! Cosmo, Wanda! HELP!! [Cosmo and Wanda temporarily snap out of their trance]

Gigglepie Trilly: Everything's fine! Don't be ridiculous! Stay here with me and I'll show you some magic trick...u...lous... [Cosmo and Wanda snap out of it for good]

Wanda: Their rhyming meter's off! And Timmy's in trouble! We have to stop them!!

Cosmo: [still hugging a Gigglepie] I can't hurt these guys! They're cute enough to eat! In fact... [throws the Gigglepie into his mouth, only to get disgusted and spit out the brown, chewed remains] You guys might look sweet on the outside, but you taste like manure on the inside!

Queen Jipjorrulac: Manure?

King Gripullon: On Yugopotamia, manure is the rarest of all delicacies!

Timmy: [pops his head out from the crowd of Gigglepies] That's it! [runs up to Cosmo and Wanda] Guys! I wish every Yugopotamian had knives, bibs, forks, and empty stomachs! [Cosmo and Wanda poof the cutlery and bibs onto all the Yugopotamians.]

King Gripullon: [holding up cutlery menacingly] I'm going to collect them all...IN MY STOMACH! [Gigglepies scream as all the Yugopotamians come at them.]

[Cut to several moments later, after King Gripullon and Queen Jipjorrulac are stuffed after eating the Gigglepies.]

King Gripullon: For helping us defeat-- [his chair sinks down from his newly-gained weight] the special surprise inside, you have our undying gratitude, young warrior!

Queen Jipjorrulac: Ah, I wish we had a medal to give you!

[Gripullon wipes face with bib and as he burps, a heart piece that was originally from a Gigglepie flies out of his mouth and onto Timmy's front.]

Timmy: Ew. That's gross.

King Gripullon: You're welcome.

Timmy: [to Cosmo and Wanda] Come on, guys. let's get outta here. [Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy poof back to Earth.]

[Cut to Earth. Mark is washing and wiping the bathroom with his many tentacles. Timmy, carrying his fish bowl, enters the scene]

Mark: Timmy Turner! You have re-turner-ed!

Timmy: And your planet's safe, dude! You can go home!

Mark: Ah, as if! I'll stay here! Vicky has promised to take our relationship to a whole new level, which she calls HARD LABOR! [Vicky enters the scene while holding a giant wad of cash]

Vicky: Oh, Mark, you've made me so rich, so FAST! I LOVE YOU!! [hugs Mark]

Mark: Uh! What is happening here? WHY is she not showing her affection by driving a spike through my tentacle as it is custom to do so on my planet?!

Timmy: It's called a hug, dude, and the richer you make her, the more hugs you get.

Mark: AAH! This love! IT BURNS! [smashes through the window and presses a button on his belt, enveloping him in a capsule] Later, dudes! [blasts off back to his planet]

Vicky: Come back, money-making foreign exchange student! YOU'RE PAINTING THE DUPLEX TOMORROW!

[Cut to Timmy jumping into his dining room chair]

Timmy: Yeah. Nothing works up an appetite like saving an entire planet.

Mr. Turner: I don't know about that, son. But you did a great job decapitating the grass and bringing the rebellious hedges into line!

Mrs. Turner: And instead of an allowance, we're going to reward you with a brand new breakfast cereal! [places a box of Invader O's on the table]

Timmy: ...Invader O's?

Mr. Turner: Ooh, look. It's got a special surprise in every box!

Mr. and Mrs. Turner: [peers inside the box] Aw...

Timmy: [looks inside] NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! [screen goes black]

Gigglepie Trilly: Heheeeheehee!

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