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The Snobulacs
Desperate Without Housewives Snobulacs.png
Gender: Varies
Species: Alien
Eye color:       red, green
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner (formerly)
Cosmo (formerly)
Mr. Turner (formerly)
Denzel Crocker (formerly)
  To get a fancy dinner and find their way home
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Desperate Without Housewives
Last Appearance:
  Desperate Without Housewives
Voiced by:
Maddie Taylor
Daran Norris
Carlos Alazraqui

The Snobulacs are a race of aliens that came to Earth after Timmy Turner wished away all the women in the universe for 24 hours in the episode, Desperate Without Housewives.



They are a race of creatures that look similar to alligators that walk on two legs. For clothing, they wear small pink bowler hats, and two toned pink metal suits with silver belts and bow ties. They wear pink gloves and boots.

The leader of the group shown wears a top hat instead, as well as a monocle.


The male Snobulacs have stereotypical personalities, not liking to stop for directions and relying on the females of the species to know where they live and prepare food for them. They are seemingly helpless without them, as seen by one of them saying that they don't actually know where they live.

They don't like to be rude and take it very seriously, which was shown in them accepting what they thought was an earth custom of waiting 23 hours before a meal, despite already starving. They are also fancy, opting to eat their meals in fancy dinner parties.


They appear in the episode, Desperate Without Housewives as the main antagonists of the episode, threatening to blow up the Earth unless Timmy Turner, Cosmo, Mr. Turner and Denzel Crocker throw them a fancy dinner party.

After Timmy wished away all the women in the universe for 24 hours, they used their sensors to track down the source of the disappearances to the main characters, and forced them to help due to being completely lost and hungry.

However, they agreed to wait through what they thought was a customary 23 hours of dinner entertainment. Mr. Crocker bored them to sleep after spending several hours talking about his life. However, Cosmo woke them up and they started to get impatient, and ignored all other attempts to stall any longer.

They were about to blow up the earth but then Timmy's wish wore off and their females returned, prompting them to leave happily.