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Snerd Elementary School
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Smarty Pants
Last Appearance:
  Smarty Pants

Snerd Elementary School is a school that neighbors Dimmsdale Elementary School.


This school was mentioned in the episode "Smarty Pants". Two children from this school visit Dimmsdale Elementary for the annual Brain-a-thon, a contest between the smartest children in each school. The school itself is never actually seen.


During the educational contest between schools, Timmy Turner and A.J. represented Dimmsdale Elementary School, but because Timmy was only smart because of a wish, he could not actually use magic to win the contest because of Da Rules forbidding it, and he immediately reverts to his numbskull state. Luckily for him, Timmy's video game skills gave him good reaction time for pressing the buzzer, allowing A.J. to get the first chance at answering the question. The last question of the contest was a question about Crash Nebula the Video Game, which both Timmy and one of the Snerd Elementary School kids only knew the answer. Timmy was able to beat the other kid to the buzzer and answer the question correctly, and Snerd Elementary was defeated.