A Smoof Vacuum.

Smoof is, as described by Mr. Birkenbake, "the greatest natural occurring substance in the world" and apparently one of the things genies, like Norm, can't escape from. Smoof can be used in a variety of things like vacuums and has its own record called "Dark Side of the Smoof".


  • Smoof's one of the three things Norm the Genie can't escape from. The other two things are magic lamps (like his lava lamp) and "the charms of Barbara Eden."
  • "Smoof" is likely a parody of hemp, a material made from the cannabis plant (which the marijuana-drug is made from). Due to Mr. Birkenbake being a hippie and his deeming it one of the best naturally occurring substances on Earth, it can be inferred that this show is referencing hemp for the older viewers.
  • "Dark Side of the Smoof" is based on the '70s album by the rock band Pink Floyd called "Dark Side of the Moon".
  • After realizing they have been loopholed, Sanderson actually uses smoof as one may use a curse word ("Oh smoof"). Given the Pixies' knowledge of it and how it was used, smoof may have other qualities that affect magical beings.
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